I’ve been a bit scared to break into my Tea Forte sampler (thanks Tea Forte!) for all the reviews I’ve been seeing. This one in particular scared me because I’m not into ginger. But, I’m thinking my stand on ginger may be softening or I like it with the right flavours, because this isn’t bad. It was my first sample since I’ve been coming down with a summer cold (I managed not to get sick all winter but now, in August?)

I don’t think I’d purchase this, though maybe just to have on hand for when I want a ginger tea (i.e. when sick; ginger seems to work incredibly well for me). Anyway, this is definitely bitingly gingery. My tongue is tingling. And I can see what others mean when they liken it to cleaner or medicine. And yet I think if I happened to be in the mood for ginger (rare), this is a pretty decent option. I am really liking the tart-and-sweet fruity hint in the aftertaste. So, definitely not a favourite but I think it does what it does pretty well.

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