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How could this not be good with these ingredients? This made for a very tasty first tea of the day. The nutty and caramelly-toffee flavours come through strongly. I steeped for 2.5-3 minutes, and think I’d prefer a longer steep as it felt a bit thin. I feel like this could/should be richer. And I want more chocolate. But, very tasty.

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I drank this again last night and enjoyed it more, but it’s still not what I was looking for. I find it quite peppery.

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Yum. As I drink this one more the herbally weirdness becomes less noticeable and the creamy, citrusy, actually nice ginseng taste comes through. I have been reaching for this one lately while studying (attempting 3 Greek comedies in one night last night).

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This stuff tasted really weird to me at first, but has definitely grown on me. It’s sweet, but it’s also kind of, well, I don’t know. Metallic-tasting? It’s flowery but there is something else going on there. Anyway, I was really congested last night (air conditioning does terrible things) so made some of this. I was surprised that I actually really enjoyed it and it actually helped alleviate the congestion!

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Oh, man. I drank this yesterday (or the day before?) and didn’t have any time to log it or my other teas. My memory of it is a bit too vague to properly comment or rate. But, I really liked this and found it delicate but nicely rounded. It was sweet and a little fruity. I much preferred it to the Makurazaki, and this was what I was looking for in the Japanese blacks I ordered.

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I have bought this three separate times, and each time it’s tasted differently. Thankfully this latest is much more in line with the tasty first bit I bought. The middle baggie tasted a bit off.

I love this stuff. It can sit in water forever and never develop a weird flavour. It’s good before bed, in the bath, in class, at work, and indeed even in summer.

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So, it took me a while to get around to trying this and I’m not sure why. Last night I finally dumped maybe half of one of the packets into some cold water, and tried it this morning. Delicious! I was mostly worried that it would be too strong if I hot-brewed it, and I was worried that it would be too weak cold-brewed, but this is actually perfect. Really flavourful and refreshing. It made me buy the second iced tea series even though I am so beyond my tea “budget” these days.


the lemon lime cheesecake got me…


Somehow I missed that one! It got me too until I saw it was sold out.

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I had a sample of this hot and then a to-go iced one at some point last week. This is mostly really prominently minty, with a bit of sweetness and that medicinal juniper underneath. I have a hard time not feeling like I’m drinking cough syrup when there’s juniper. It’s not terrible, but not something I’d buy. It did help me re-hydrate and was nice and refreshing in the heat.

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My weekend, meant to be long and fun-filled, ended up being pretty rough. I became really sick at the wedding I was attending due to an uninvited guest: a kidney infection! Much pain and time spent in a cottage country ER, not enough tea!

After a few days without proper tea, I wanted something good and this afternoon I need something to help me mend. This was delayed in getting to me due to the postal strike but this was the perfect time to break into it. It makes such a bright, healthy-looking green liquor I don’t know how it can do anything but make me better! It’s deliciously sweet, has a nice body to it, and I can just pick up on the floral taste the description mentions in the aftertaste. Yum.

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I hope you’re feeling better. Kidney infections are so painful!


Thanks! You’re definitely right about that.


ouches. I hear cranberry juiced flushes the kidneys… I dunno if that helps with an infection but feel better soon!


Ooo..a kidney infection? Definitely not fun! I hope you feel better now!!


Thanks! I do.

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