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Alright, I don’t like mint teas on the whole. But when I opened up my sampler from iHeartTeas.com last night, this knocked me backwards with how strongly awesome it smelled. It was the first to be sampled.

It was really good. I’ve been steering clear of red rooibos as I got sick of it, but it’s mostly obscured here by richly delicious chocolate and nicely fresh-tasting mint. Still not my favourite combination, but really nicely done and a great chocolate tea.

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I like this tea. It’s nice. But, it doesn’t seem to be exciting enough for me and I never find myself wanting to make it. So, I have a largely full tin sitting abandoned.

Last night, making a new pitcher of cold tea (that is standing in for water these days), I had an odd impulse to use this tea. And, actually, it’s not bad. The first sip is really odd and I get hit with that caramel, but it grows on me as I sip on it. It’s just a sweet, mild cool green tea.

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Ooh, samples.

Well. I love rose scents (and am always worried this will make me smell like a little old lady), but was a bit hesitant with this one. Opening up the packet, the tea did smell rather perfumey. But, I thought it might be a nice and soothing cup after my first time in the gym in months. And, well, it does taste like I’m drinking rosewater. It’s strange for me. Not unpleasant, but as though something’s made it to my mouth that isn’t meant to be in there. I can’t really taste the sencha through the strong floral flavour. I suppose I’m just not accustomed to this!

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This made a good, solid breakfast tea. Bright and bold but smooth. It didn’t blow me away, but I’ll definitely consider it again tomorrow morning as it’s a good, straight-forward, first-thing-in-the-morning-with-milk tea.

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