49 Tasting Notes


So I just brewed myself a cup of this for the first time and my whole room smells like chocolate now. Its weird though cause it’s not the same as when someone is making chocolate or baking, its like that artificial chocolate scent you find in cosmetics and what-not. So I’m hoping the tea doesn’t taste like this.
I’ve tried chocolate teas from DavidsTea before (read my lips and love tea #7) and I wasn’t that crazy about them. I decided then I just wasn’t a fan of chocolate teas. However, this tea came with my winter collection package, and I’ve finally taken the jump to try it out.

For taste, the tea is really a let down. All I can taste is the chocolate, and its very artificial tasting. I actually prefer read my lips or love tea #7 because I could taste mint or strawberry in those ones, but in this tea all it is is the chocolate. The spiciness of the peppers comes out as a slight sensation in the throat or on the tongue, but no where in flavour.
I’ll most likely be giving this tea away.

Maxime-Daniel Friðrikson

I was expecting to trying this tea when i’ve went to DT at Saint-Bruno. By luck I won’t because if it just taste like chocolate it would be a big deception for me and my buds. Thanks for the useful review!


I think this tea was exclusive to the winter collection which you had to buy as a set, and not available to try out of the large tins in store. I guess that’s a good thing it was seasonal, since it wasn’t that great. But I’m glad I gave you the heads up.

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drank Three Wishes Tea by DAVIDsTEA
49 tasting notes

Got a sample of this today and tried it this afternoon.

What can I say? Yum!

This tea reminds me of midsummer night’s dream (by davidstea) because of the fruity taste, but it’s softened by the more dominant taste of the green tea… and I love the taste of green tea! The black tea taste hangs out somewhere behind these too.
This blend is going to be perfect for mornings/afternoons, especially when I’m in one of those moods where I can’t decide if I want black or green or fruit… all three! :)

Maxime-Daniel Friðrikson

This is one of the best floral tea i’ve ever tasted! So yummy :)


Have you tried the glow? That is by far my favourite floral tea.

Maxime-Daniel Friðrikson

Nope never! I was not attracted by this one but my friend tell me that it was actually a really nice tea.

If it’s your favorite I will maybe take a try!

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One of my favourite bedtime teas. I’ve had this tea for awhile and drink it occasionally. I’m not sure if its really supposed to work many wonders on your skin but, what the heck, its tasty. :)


It’s always backordered here, whyyyy?


I looked up all the ingrediance and everything in it is supposed to help with complextion, energy, detoxing, and antidepresant properties have you noticed anything like that?


@crazy4u no I haven’t but I think you’d have to drink a couple cups of it a day before you really could notice anything. Of course complexion/detox/mood are always affected by what you eat as well so if you pair this tea with an unhealthy diet it surely would not do much.

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I’ve had this a few times but I guess I haven’t logged it yet. Anyways, here’s to a cup of snow bunny in the morning!
I got this tea in the winter collection and I think its my favourite, aside from alpine punch.
I can taste the nuts and the banana and it gives a pleasant taste of banana bread or something similar. The downfall of this tea is the black tea – I really wish the flavour of the black tea would come out more, but it falls short next to the nutty taste.
I think the aroma of this tea is half of it too.
Anyways, this was a lovely tea to enjoy during the winter season, and made a perfect treat paired with my homemade banana muffins, but aside from that I don’t think I will be purchasing this tea.

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I had a cup of this with lunch this afternoon. I really enjoyed it as a black tea, it was smooth and not at all bitter.
However, I didn’t pick up on the orange as much as I would have liked to. (It may have been that I was drinking it with hummus though, so the hummus probably overpowered the tea like crazy.)

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First off – this tea. Wow.

It is beautiful. It looks the bottom of the Rocky Mountain Forests, all green and grassy and amazing. But because it’s a bag of full leaves and grass I had a bit of a hard time ‘scooping’ out two tablespoons. It was more like grabbing stuff with my fingers and putting into my infuser until it felt like two tablespoons.

Since I felt like I didn’t put enough in I let this steep for a long time… maybe 20 minutes or more? But It was worth it. It’s not super strong or harsh or bitter or anything. Its magnificent.

What I love is the refreshing taste that’s NOT peppermint (I don’t like peppermint teas).

All in all I am so happy that I have a caffeine-free tea that is super relaxing. A perfect in bed/beforebed/daydreaming tea to relax the body and stimulate the mind.

9.50 for 25g but totally worth it, depending on how much you want to use per cup.

195 °F / 90 °C 8 min or more

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Went to DavidsTea today to pick up some wintergreen woods and ended up taking a cup of tea to go. I tried this one because I thought it smelled delicious and Id heard good things about it. When I drank it though it was a bit of a different story…
so does anyone think this even tastes like tea? To me it tasted like watered down juice from concentrate. Orange or tropical punch maybe. Or hot vitamin water. I mean, it was good I guess but…. not something I want to drink if I’m in the mood for tea (I’d really rather the cold vitamin water I think).
I think if I ever tried this tea again it would be iced.

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Had a cup of this before I headed out in the afternoon (but since I slept in it was more like morning to me). Always a perfect cup with breakfast. Nom.

195 °F / 90 °C 4 min, 30 sec

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I took two sips of this at a starbucks and felt like my throat was going to swell up. Sadly, I had to toss out the entire cup. From the bit I did get to taste, it seemed alright.

Still trying to figure out what it was in it that I am allergic to so that I can be careful when I pick new teas to try. Lately, comparing ingredients with other teas that have given me a similar feeling, I’ve narrowed it down to Licorice Root, Artificial Flavourings, or Blackberry Leaves.

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