49 Tasting Notes

drank Mulberry Magic by DAVIDsTEA
49 tasting notes

I used to really not like this tea. I think it was because I normally drank it very oversteeped, as my boyfriend likes to leave his leaves in the steeper/teabag while he drinks teas.

Anyways, I wanted to give this tea a second chance, but this time brewed it up my way.

YUM! Nutty and sweet with a light creamy flavour and a subtle vegetal taste reminiscent of a green tea. I think I am going to get very into this tea – kind of wishing I bought more than 50g! I might try mixing this with my favourite green tea too to get some interesting soft flavour combinations and even more tasty health benefits!

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I like this one oversteeped too, since it doesn’t get bitter, but I can see how a short infusion would be delightful too! Glad you gave it another shot!

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This is my first time trying a pu-erh. I know the experience of a DavidsTea pu-erh will be greatly different from that of a high quality pu-erh, but I had to get my foot in the door just a little bit.

Yup! There’s that fishy smell everyone was talking about! I decided to try to not let it get to me, since I read the smell isn’t really in the flavour of the tea. I’d have to say I disagree. Although it’s a lot less strong, there is fishy flavour to this tea, but it’s balanced out by the smoky/earthyness of the rest of the flavours.

I really like the smoky/earthyness but the fishy flavour kind of gets to me. I don’t know if I’ll ever restock this tea but I’ll still drink it, and maybe blend it with some of my favourite teas to see how that is. I’ve also read it gets better after more steeps so I will try that out in the future as well.

Update: I didn’t keep this, I ended up returning it. As I finished the pot I just couldn’t get over the fish taste. Being a vegetarian too it was really weird drinking something that tasted like fish. I know there’s not actually fish/fish oil in it but still…

Maybe I just got a bad batch because other people didn’t pick up on fish flavour as much as I did, but still, I’m gonna change my rating and hope that I can find a yummy not-fishy pu-erh from somewhere in the future.

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I think rinsing may get rid of that flavour. Haven’t tried it myself on a DT puerh though.


Noordelijk- It took me a while to realize what people meant by the fishy quality of some Pu-erhs. So far I have not found it offensive or undrinkable. I am recenly drinking more Pu-erhs, but still just beginning to branch out with them. If you want a cooked Pu-erh with no offensive “fishy” taste, I would recommend this one-which I recenly reviewed. I think you’ll like it! I would send you some, but I received a sample in a tea swap, and it’s gone ://

Here’s my review:



Ew, fishy smell and taste in tea? No way. Its awesome they let you return it.


Thanks @ScottTeaMan I’ll look out for that one!

@CupofTree Yeah DavidsTea lets you return things! It was bought from the store though. I don’t know if they do online returns.


yeah I figured. Lucky lucky you for having one near you! I only have teavana and they don’t let you do anything of the kind. :(


Noordelijk, I would recommend you try a Camelia Sinensis pu-erh such as the ‘1998’. The great thing about it is that it’s more earthy than fishy, yet incredibly comforting. Have fun discovering Pu-erhs! You can really taste the ‘time’ in those :)

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I was really excited to try this tea, as I’ve been getting to like Oolongs a lot, and had yet to try a milk oolong.

Wow! It really tastes like… milk! Mind you, I haven’t drank a glass of milk in years, so I don’t exactly remember what it tastes like, but it was definitely very reminiscent. Unfortunately, I really don’t like milk, so in turn I really didn’t like this tea.

What I expected was more of an oolong with a light creamy taste over the floral tones, but I got no floral tones and kind of an overhaul of this weird milky flavour. Other users have noted it tasted/smelled like butter, which I can agree with too.

This is the first Oolong I’ve hated, but I guess I’ve learned to stay away from milk Oolongs and stick to more floral ones. I’m returning the 50g I bought of this and I’ll get something new.

I’m kind of disappointed because if I DID like it I was going to mix it with my vanilla oolong from DavidsTea, which I thought would have been pretty tasty. For those of you who do like milk oolongs maybe you could try this combo for me ;) haha

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Haha, this is one of my favorite oolongs, and I wasn’t a fan of the vanilla one the first time I tried it. I may give that a try though!


The vanilla is okay. It tastes like vanilla more than anything else. I think it’s more worthwhile to mix with a better Oolong, just to mix up the flavours. @Amanda


Perhaps give Teavivre’s natural milk oolong a shot? It might be more of what you’re looking for. I personally really like the strong milky flavour, but Teavivre’s doesn’t have that.


Also – you should try to swap away this tea if you can, instead of returning it, because they just throw it out :( I’m positive there would be someone on here willing to trade you for it. I’m tempted to volunteer myself, since I’m out of it at the moment and adore it.


I think I’m just gonna stay away from milk Oolongs haha, but thanks for the suggestion @Kittena!
And unfortunately I already returned it. :( I needed the money to get some new straight oolong from Teavana.

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drank Matcha Matsu by DAVIDsTEA
49 tasting notes

I think my favourite way to drink this is whisked into a hot cup of almond milk. The sweetness of the almond milk pretty much makes it so I can make it as strong as I want and it won’t taste bitter.

My only problem is not drinking it fast enough so it all settles down to the bottom. I really need to invest in a matcha whisk/bowl.

I don’t really know how to compare this to other matchas since this is the only one I’ve bought (ceremonial matcha is just a bit too pricey for me) but it’s great for using in lattes and smoothies and stuff, and doesn’t have any added powders or sugars like matchas you might get in a matcha latte from a cafe.


Yes!! Almond milk matcha lattes are the best! And the sweetness of the almond milk is fabulous (I just get “original” stuff, so it’s not super sweet, but still good).

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drank Six Summits by Teavana
49 tasting notes

I was gonna say “wow I think this is my favourite Oolong yet!” and then I read about it a little more on the teavana website and realized there’s actually raspberry flavouring in it.. soo, not actually a straight Oolong.

Either way, I really like this tea. Yeah, you can taste the raspberry, but before I knew it had it in it I didn’t even really notice it. I noticed the sweetness, and that kind of berry/floral taste, but not anything that jumped out like crazy artificial flavouring.

My favourite thing about this tea is the kind of woodsy taste it has to it. It has the same floral notes as the last Oolong I tried (Thai Mountain from Teavana) but not as strong and more subdued by the woodsy flavour and the added sweetness from the berry falvour.

Overall, a good cup of tea! But disappointed it wasn’t actually straight like I thought it was when I ordered it.

Note: I should add that there are different versions of this tea. The one I had has no berries in it.

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Took a big cup of this home with me to enjoy while I relax. (I wore new shoes today and my feet are KILLING ME…. on a side note haha).

Anyways, I’m usually a drinker of green teas, but I’m trying to get into Oolongs. This is one of my first, and I think the very first I’ve actually logged on here, so I don’t have too much to compare it to, but I really like it!

Floral is a great word to use to describe it, but also kind of sweet. It’s very smooth, not at all bitter, and not too soft either (I like my teas to be a bit strong in flavour rather than light). There’s a flavour in it that is really nostalgic to me right now but I can’t figure out what it is.

Anyways, if you want to try a straight oolong with a nice body to it, try this one! I think I still prefer green tea but this cup is definitely getting me to fall a little bit in love with oolong too.

And just another quick note – I love how straight oolongs look, especially after they’ve unfurled in the water. This one is all bundled up as dried but when steeped really opens up to a nice full leaf.

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One of my favorite parts of oolongs is just how big the leaves get when they’re fully unrolled!


Noordelijk, you are so talented! I checked out your site. I really like LETTING GO and HANDS the best, but it’s all good! :))

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So I tried this today because I really wanted a green tea, and I have a whole tin of green tea at home so I thought it’d be best to try a flavoured green for something different.

This one interested me because it wasn’t super berry-y. The citrus was compelling and the leaves smelled really nice.

Oops! Didn’t actually read the ingredients. Not expected ginger!

Conclusion: I’m really not a fan of ginger in my tea. It really overpowered everything else in this one too. Two sips and I tossed it.

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Autumn Hearth

I understand that if you don;t like ginger its a no go, but I enjoyed this at work iced paired with one of the straight greens, usually adding gyo in the last 30 secs. Not enough to ever buy it and have at home though.


I can’t see myself even mixing this with another tea, especially Gyokuro, it would just ruin the Gyokuro! I should probably just stick to fruitier blends if I ever want to mix. @Autumn Aelwyd

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drank Weight To Go! by Teavana
49 tasting notes

Despite the fact the pu-erh is so unnoticable I’m not even sure this could be classified as even a black tea, I actually kind of liked this!

While it was still pretty hot I found the mint came out too much, and I’m not a huge fan of mint. But when it was cooled off and I could pick up on the other flavours, like the strawberry especially, the mint was more just lingering in the background as a refreshing little treat.

It’s not something I could drink every day, but I did enjoy it. I would probably be better off just finding a strawberryish herbal tea though, since the oolong and pu-erh are taken over by all of the herbal ingredients anyways.


I have this one and I find it’s best brewed with teavana’s citrus lavender sage and iced with rock sugar or honey.


I’ll try that! Thanks @CupofTree !

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I finished off my sample of this tonight, so time for a review!

The loose leaves smell so heavenly, and the idea of the little strawberries is tantalizing, but the actual cup is kind of a disappointment. It really does taste like strawberry shortcake, and you can taste the strawberries… but the black tea falls short.

It’s good when it’s pretty hot, but as soon as it cools it’s pretty much undrinkable.

Kind of fun to try and have a sample for a bit, but not something I could see myself drinking more than a few times in my life. Maybe I just can’t get into the idea of a cup of tea tasting like cake. We had our little affair, and now it is done.

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