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This is my last time drinking Yun Cui from my tea stash at home, so I thought it deserved a little farewell review.

I started drinking this tea awhile ago but have since taken a break to venture into new kinds of green teas. I can say I like it less than I did before, now that I’m starting to learn what I like in a cup of green tea.

The aroma of this tea is okay. You can pick up a lot on the nuttiness, slightly sweet. The taste is very similar to the aroma, and the nuttiness really comes out. There is a very slight vegetal taste kind of hiding in the background that compliments the nuttiness in an… interesting way. It’s not at all bitter, actually more kind of sweet.

I’ve mentioned before in green teas that the flavours are too soft/weak, so I do have to give it to this tea that the flavours have quite a nice round body. I also appreciate that the nutty flavour kind of remains on your tongue afterwards. I also appreciate that it is organic.

Overall, I’m not nuts over nutty when it comes to greens, so this tea is gonna have to fall back a little on my ranks. I probably will not purchase any more of this tea in the future.

Farewell Yun Cui!

edit: just wanted to add that this tea actually tastes a lot like the Gyokuro Genmaicha I had from teavana a few days ago, with all of the nutty flavour and what not.

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Currently enjoying a cup of this right now.

First of all, I find the loose leaves beautiful. The aroma of the leaf itself, and the steeped water is also wonderful. So smooth and with an earthy, humid, sweet smell. I imagine its exactly what it would smell like high up on the misty mountains where it was grown.

The flavour is similar to the smell, smooth and sweet, not at all bitter. The only downfall is how dainty the taste it. I really have to savour it to find that wonderful taste. Next time I have this tea I will use more tea leaves and hopefully the aromas will come out a bit better.

Overall, despite how weak the taste is, I am pretty happy with this tea. I am normally a fan of Japanese greens, not Chinese, so it’s nice that I’ve found a chinese tea to change things up a bit if I feel like something other than Gyokuro.

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I love this tea!

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drank JavaVana Mate by Teavana
49 tasting notes

The smell of this tea was so intoxicating I had to go for a cup of this today.

Normally if I’m bagged at work I’ll get a cup of iced coffee, but I think this might be my replacement. I tend to be a fan of flavoured coffees (like vanilla especially) so this tea is a perfect “coffee” replacement for me.

I especially love that there is black tea blended in with this to give it a fuller body. Mate alone probably wouldn’t lend itself enough flavour.

I normally don’t like chocolate in tea, but balanced with the vanilla and caramely notes it works well.

Definetly my new go-to cup when I really need a blast of caffeine. Yum!

Just a note: I drank this with just a slight touch of sweetener.

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mm yes I like this one too, normally mixed with amandine rose and some cream and sugar. chocolate in tea can be a very yummy surprise :)

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drank Amandine Rose by Teavana
49 tasting notes

I’m a sucker for flavoured blacks, and I’ve never had one I didn’t like, but this one is beyond DELISH!

It’s definitely a dessert tea. It’s not lying about the rose either. You can really taste it but it doesn’t overpower the other flavours. It’s slightly nutty, but not so nutty that is the main flavour. All of the flavours balance out very evenly, which is lovely. (That’s kind of my biggest peeve with flavoured teas, is when one flavour is kinda sticking out too much to enjoy the others).

If you want something that’s really black tea-y then I wouldn’t suggest it. It’s really floating around in there with all the other stuff so more difficult to pick up on.

It is full bodied, very tasty hot, and if you accidently let it sit for a bit and it cools off too much it is not at all bitter.

Probably my new favourite dessert tea (but nothing will surpass a perfect creamy earl gray).

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This is one of my first cups of Teavana tea, and as I’ve never tried a Genmaicha before and was really curious what it would be like, I thought i’d go for it.

Bottom line: I prefer straight green tea, but the toasted rice is definietly a nice touch for a different kind of treat.

The nutty flavour brings out the sweetness of the tea, making it something I could see myself drinking after dinner or perfectly paired with dessert.

And you know those rice crackers? If you absolutely hate those then I wouldn’t suggest this tea. It’s like a wonderful green tea with that sort of rice cracker, nutty flavour with it.

Overall, very smooth, wonderful, and free of extra crud and flavourings, which I love.


Welcome back Noordelijk!

Autumn Hearth

Good luck at Teavana.

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I really do love the flavour of this tea, but I find it a little too soft for my liking. Still trying different combinations of steeping times, temperatures, and leaf amounts for that perfect cup.

Autumn Hearth

This is at the top of my David’s wish list (haven’t ordered from them yet). It would be great of you could let us know how you think it compares to Teavana’s Gyokuro Imperial. I know you say it’s mild, but is it more creamy or buttery? (just two things I love) Or if there is another Gyokuro or similar Japanese green you prefer.


Gyokuro Imperial from Teavana is just as good as DavidsTea, if not better. I don’t know about DavidsTea’s exactly, but I do know that Teavana prides itself on selling top quality of the world tea. Teavana’s Gyokuro Imperial is from the first flush of harvesting, so the best quality harvest. You could ask DavidsTea what flush their Gyokuro is from. If it’s not from the first then get Teavana’s. It will be better.
In terms of specific flavours they will both taste relatively the same, as long as you brew it properly and do not let your tea get stale.


Also, in terms of what I prefer, Gyokuro is my top for japanese. Sencha is basically the same as gyokuro just of lesser quality, so isn’t going to be as rich and buttery. If i’m in the mood, matcha is my all time favourite thing, but is a completely different experience from other green teas. Depending on where you buy it from, matcha is made with the same process of gyokuro though, only its stone crushed in the end. So, if its a japanese tea you want, go for Gyokuro.

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Its been awhile since I tried a new tea. I’ve really been trying to get through the supplies I have lately.

ANYWAYS, finally dove in to by a traditional green tea from Davids tea (and there was a lovely bonus for buying a chinese tea right now for chinese new years).
I’m not the best at distinguishing differences between green teas, but I do love this one. I agree with posts before that it isn’t fruity or anything, but I disagree in that I cannot taste any of this nuttiness. To me its a really soft green tea and the strongest taste I find is the aftertaste.

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A nice tea but I prefer straight green over a jasmine green. I think the cup that the cafe gave me was too big for this little tea bag though because it was a bit weak.

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I love a cup of good whole leaf green tea, straight and full-bodied, and this is it.

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drank Creme Brulee by DAVIDsTEA
49 tasting notes

Here’s to my first time logging this… it’s been a really long time since I’ve drank this tea but I better get on it cause I have a 100g tin in my cupboard!

Anyways, I’m surprised I’m into this tea at all because I am not a fan of Creme Brulee dessert. So for those of you who don’t like this dessert don’t let that turn you off from trying this tea.

I like this tea because of the green rooibos, and all the added health benefits of drinking rooibos. But what’s really beautiful about it is that its like you’re having a sweet, indulgent drink when in reality you’re drinking something that’s very good for you!
I think the most predominant flavours are the caramel and the rooibos. But if you let it steep too long it does not balance well and it’s no good.
It’s definetly a very sweet, desserty like tea that you need to drink only when you’re really in the mood for something sweet. It’s a soft kind of sweet that goes down smooth, rather than a fruity or sour sweet tea, which is very calming. Plus, its caffeine free, so great for an after dinner “dessert” or something warm to cuddle with in bed.
Considering how long it’s been since I’ve had this tea I was very pleased with how much I enjoyed it tonight.

I would also like to add that the aroma of these tea does not compare well to the taste. Its a lot “harsher” and sweet when you smell it, but really tones down while drinking. Also, the tea leaves are very beautiful, especially the hints of bright red.

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