right now im drinking the last of this bulang. i have about 4.99g for my raw yixing ive dubbed, Enkil, the ancient vampire of anne rice’s books- the vampire lestat, and queen of the damned. i just love those books, so i thought id honor my pots and her characters, making Enkil my sheng pot, and Akasha my shou.

ya anyways.. after a quick rinse, the tea has loosed lots and is giving off a strong sort of sweet-hay smell.

first steep, and the brew is light, sweet, strong and palatable, with a light yellow liquid.
with just a few sips, the tea qi is already oozing out of me, and i feel soft like a pillow, ha. i wonder if its just that im excited to be back at my gongfu table.. maybe im getting a contact high..

second- the liquor has darkened and the smell is somewhat smokier now which i love, however its not a burning wood smoky, but more like a burning field. the tea has become richer and heavier feeling in the mouth. lots of the initial bite you would expect from a young sheng has actually given way to a rounder, more complex brew, with some astringent activity part way through the sip.

well the tea has come apart in this third steep. i love the strength of the aroma.. this is astringency i like; rounded with some sweetness, but very in your face. < that is from the pot. the cup is less in your face, as you would expect. some bitterness digs at the middle of my tongue and stays there when i sip. the heat & the bulangy-ness is making my feet sweat and i fear my tongue is drying up.

fourth steep- im picking up some cedar on the nose. less astringent, still very flavorful and a little sweetness to balance.

this tea is really great and i think ill be ordering more in the future, as i am now out of it. it always helps me wake up when i feel groggy. i love how this is active in the mouth and tart as f***.

im feeling wide awake and hot and kind of fidgity.. strange how fast the qi hit. im going to drink on, but the review ends here.<


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