1627 Tasting Notes

drank Tippy Earl Grey by Golden Moon Tea
1627 tasting notes

Smooth earl grey tea. I took this to work with me and steeped it in my libre mug. Delicious. It didn’t need any additives.

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drank Hibiscus Strawberry by Unknown
1627 tasting notes

Made this iced again. I don’t think I could ever make this hot. Great iced! I even added a lime to it. Yum!

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I was sipping on this tea while reading about medicine. The blend with its sweetness and spicy flavors keep me awake. Great blend!

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Thank you TheDJBooth for this sample!

I love the concept of this tea. This was a good, fresh, bold green tea! The dry leaves are forest green in color. They smelled fresh and green. The leaves were curled up almost like gunpowder but not all the way.

After Infusion, the liquor was a light yellow color almost like a white tea. The scent was sweet with a little nutty note to it. The flavor was bold! I was pleasantly surprised by the natural sweetness in this brew. There was a hint of maltiness, savory and nuts and toast to it but it isnt loud. The green and grassy notes also played its tune. This tea was very smooth! Good tea overall :)

185 °F / 85 °C 2 min, 45 sec

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drank Dragonwell by thepuriTea
1627 tasting notes

I used the tea randomizer that was in the discussions and this came up. I had forgotten about this tiny sample sitting in its original packaging. I opened this up and inhaled the nutty yet fresh greens!

The leaves are the typical dragonwell leaves, which are iron-flat and long, resembling swords. The leaves were a brown with some green. I compared this to the Teavivre leaves, and the Teavivre leaves were fresher looking – they were bright green leaves. The scent of the dry leaves were a little similar to houjicha with the slight roasted scent to it.

I used a kyusu to brew this. The liquor was a light yellow and smelled mild. The taste was good and bold! It was smooth in the beginning, but left me with a slight astringent aftertaste. I love the fresh green almost vegetal flavor, kind of reminds me of faint celery? (though I really hate celery!). There were roasted and nutty notes to this. Good tea overall. Dragonwell makes for a nice everyday green.

180 °F / 82 °C 1 min, 15 sec

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Its raining out and beginning to look like snow. My cats are going crazy staring out the window. Anyhow, this was my beverage of choice. I didn’t want to try anything new, and this tea fit my comfort zone. I brewed this western style, and since this is bagged, it was super simple.

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drank Lavender Lemon Mint by Teaism
1627 tasting notes

I found this in my cupboard. This is also another reason why I should be drinking a lot more and swap away a lot of my teas. If anyone would like to swap with me, please let me know! Look thru my cupboard and shoot me a message. I would definitely add plenty of extras.

Ok onto the lavender lemon mint tea. This blend is absolutely fabulous!!! It smells very strong of mint and lemon. The picture is exactly how it looks with the mix of lavender, lemon, mint, and cinnamon. I didn’t notice the other herbs in there. I usually have a hard time blending my own lavender tea mixes, so I have to praise this tea a lot for making it blend it beautifully. Each flavor came out playing its own tune but all in a very harmonious way. I love the bits of cinnamon adding a slight spicy and warm note. The floral and herb mix was soothing as well. Yes, this tea is soothing.

The liquor was a pale yellow color, and the scent was beautiful. The mix of lavender, mint, and lemongrass played very well together and were equally present. Wow this is a great mix! I can’t believe I haven’t tried it until now. This is a great nighttime beverage.

200 °F / 93 °C 2 min, 0 sec

Let me know if you want to swap sometime. :)

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This tea was sent to me for review by Teavivre.

I think this is the last of the sample of teas I was given. The packaging was puffy on this one, which was to be expected since it is white peony. The inside packaging were small white packets. They were cute. Again, I totally appreciate the large amount of samples.

The dry leaves were fluffy and fuzzy leaves with buds and some shiny green leaves as well. The colors were mixed with white and green. They were beautiful. It smells like a white tea. It smells strong green and floral.

I brewed this in a kyusu. The liquor was a mild yellow color. The flavor was fantastic. Just like other white peony teas, this one was flavorful and bold for a white tea. It tasted fresh like fresh salad with sweet floral tones to it. It was delicious! There was an underlying nutty tone to it as well. Good tea!

195 °F / 90 °C 0 min, 45 sec

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I’m someone who happens have an addiction to tea! My tea collection keeps growing and growing, which just means that I’ve got to drink more tea! When life gets a bit too stressful, I love sitting down to a nice, warm cup of tea.

Swap: I am always up for swapping! Take a look at my cupboard and send me a msg! I always send extras since I have too much tea! :)

My cupboard contains all the teas that I own. The teas that are unrated but are in my cupboard are ones that I haven’t opened yet. :)

Likes: chai, all types of teas, dessert teas, Dan Cong & milk oolongs, dragonwell & kukicha greens, flavored rooibos, vanilla anything

Dislikes: bitter
Allergies: Chamomile, Jasmine, Soy


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