1626 Tasting Notes

drank Hibiscus Strawberry by Unknown
1626 tasting notes

One of my friends gave this to me for Christmas. All it said on the tin was Hibiscus Strawberry. I saw bits of hibiscus, strawberry, dried oranges with orange peels, and cardamom. I cold brewed this as I’m always afraid of the hibiscus coming out too strong with hot water. Cold brewed, this was delicious! I felt like I was drinking a fruit juice. Delicious and naturally sweet!

Iced 8 min or more

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I finished this tea up today. It was a nice, smooth oolong tea. It was nutty and a bit savory. Great for cold weather! :)

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So I looked thru my tea cabinet and spied this tea. I had one mini cake left so I figured I’d finish it off today. I’ve had this tea for a very long time. I bought this since I had never tried pu-erh before. I remember not enjoying this one at the beginning and it just sat in my cabinet. During the last bits of this tea, I’ve been enjoying it a lot. I’m sad to see this one go, but I feel some sense of accomplishment. I rinsed this cake to loosen it up a bit and steeped it like I usually do. I love the dark chocolate flavor with the mild sweetness mixed with mild bitterness. It doesn’t need additives if you do short steeps, but I think it tastes great with a little milk and sugar. For me, it brings out the chocolate. It is also earthy, and smells almost fishy as I was steeping it. This went away though, thankfully. Good tea overall!!

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drank Chai by Teaism
1626 tasting notes

I can’t believe that it has been over a year that I’ve tried this tea and been to Washington DC. I brewed this Western Style. I’m feeling lazy today _. This was good. The blend smelled spicy with all the cardamom, ginger, cloves… There was a good amount of black tea mixed in as well. Good tea. I had to add sugar and milk, although this could have done without them. Great tea overall! I love chai! Next time I’ll make this over the stove.


I live near Washington DC and have heard about this place, but never been. What did you think of the locale overall? Is it worth a ride on the smelly metro? ;)


I went to the one on 8th Street since the one on Connecticut was closed when I visited last year. I loved the atmostphere at Teaism on 8th. There was a beautiful indoor pond (I think downstairs or upstairs?) and it was very relaxing. You can order food, which I did. I thought it was very good. I would definitely make a trip out there. They have a variety of teas that they sell as well.


Good to know. I’ll have to make a trek there! :)

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This tea was sent to me for review by Teavivre.

When I opened the package for this tea, the inside was different. Instead of having small packets of samples inside, there was one large one. It was almost 2-3oz of tea! I had to pour it inside one of my tins.

I love having some dragonwell. This tea had nice medium-sized, flat dry leaves that were bright yellow to bright green in color. There was some buds in there as well! I’m very used to seeing dragonwell in darker green colors than this. It smells like dragonwell! Green and light.

For this tea, I used 2 teaspoons and put it in my kyusu. Once it was brewed, it was a light yellow, green in color. The scent and taste were good. It smelled a little grassy and tasted as such. It was a little savory. Overall the it was a light, clean tea that went down smoothly. There was some sweetness to it. This is a good dragonwell. This is similar to other dragonwells that I’ve tried, but I haven’t tried them side by side. I might do that this week as I have this week off. :)

190 °F / 87 °C 1 min, 0 sec

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This tea was sent to me for review by Teavivre. Thank you!

I woke up this morning with a cold. I’ve had a lingering cough for a while and figured I got sick from the kids during my month of pediatrics. But now I woke up all clogged up! Ugh! Perhaps this isn’t a good time to try a new tea, but I really wanted to! So I chose this black tea this morning. I don’t think I’ve tried this tea before. When I opened this up, I took a big whiff. It smells so fresh and reminds me of autumn. The dry leaves were dark brown to black and were delicate, long, and thin with some twisting.

I made this with a larger 8oz tetsubin and drank it in my white mug. After infusion, it smelled a little savory. The color of the liquor was a medium red-brown. I have been trying to cut down on sugar so I wanted to infuse this for a shorter time. I was also a bit worried this might be bitter, but I decided, “what the heck!” I took a sip, and the taste was lovely! My sinuses and everything completely cleared up, which I was happy about. It is bold, but was not bitter or astringent at all! It went down so smooth. I was surprised and happy about it too. There was a mild hint of sweetness but I tasted dark chocolate and some savory tones. It was also toasty with a slight touch of earthiness to it. I can’t wait to try this again later.

Overall this is a very good black tea. I might consider having this in my cupboard as a staple. I want to find black teas that I don’t need any additives. I’m not a big fan of astringency or bitterness…

190 °F / 87 °C 2 min, 30 sec

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This was sent to me for review by Teavivre.

When I opened my package today, I saw 5 large bags about 9×7 inches large. I was trying to decide which one to try first and I opted for an oolong. I am a huge fan of milk oolongs. I opened it up and there were 4 small about 2×4″ bags of tea. I’m definitely going to be reusing these resealable bags.

Anyhow, this milk oolong tea came in a beautiful red sample bag. I opened it up and inhaled the sweet, creamy/milky scent. I love the small, dark green rolled up leaves. I poured it in my gaiwan, and it was the perfect amount. I’d say it was about a tablespoonful and then some.

The first steep brewed up a golden yellow-orange. The scent was fantastic, which was similar to the scent of the dry leaves. Once it hit my lips, I knew this was amazing. I would say this is comparable to the milk oolong by DAVIDsTea. In my mouth, the creaminess was tame compared to the scent. This tea was smooth and wasn’t bitter or astringent. There was a sweet, fruity taste with light floral tones. It wasn’t heady at all. I love this tea.

I got about 6 steeps until it began to become very mild in flavor. I had my husband try it too, and he loved it. The floral tones became more prominent as the steeps progressed.

200 °F / 93 °C 0 min, 45 sec

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I’m someone who happens have an addiction to tea! My tea collection keeps growing and growing, which just means that I’ve got to drink more tea! When life gets a bit too stressful, I love sitting down to a nice, warm cup of tea.

Swap: I am always up for swapping! Take a look at my cupboard and send me a msg! I always send extras since I have too much tea! :)

My cupboard contains all the teas that I own. The teas that are unrated but are in my cupboard are ones that I haven’t opened yet. :)

Likes: chai, all types of teas, dessert teas, Dan Cong & milk oolongs, dragonwell & kukicha greens, flavored rooibos, vanilla anything

Dislikes: bitter
Allergies: Chamomile, Jasmine, Soy


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