I seemed to be able to do better brewing this one. It is light and delicate, but the flavors are definitely there and it is a fuller less thin tea than the other dancongs that i have tried. Nose and palate are very similar with sweet orange, celery, osmanthus, rose, roasted barley, and delightful peach on the finish. Backward ( the flavor seems to be stronger on the back of the palate ).

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Drinking tea is fairly new, but have had good wines for many years, so that is my perspective…
I generally brew in small ( under 200 cc and often under 100 cc ) pots either Japanese Tokoname or Chinese Yixing. I vary my steeping times a lot before I decide on tasting notes — I take a sort of experimental approach, gong fu one time, western short steeping another, vary the water temp, etc. to see what the tea will offer. Also, I will take notes on different days since what one brings to a cup one day will not be the same the next. I rate teas somewhat the same way as I rate wines, with over 90 being excellent, and over 95 being truly remarkable — even once in a lifetime. Over 85 very good, over 80 good.



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