As with many Teavana teas, this herbal tea promises much in its name and its scent. A whiff of the colorful blend is filled with roasted almond and sugary caramel. For some reason, it brews to an unexpectedly bright raspberry color. Last time I checked, neither caramel nor almonds are raspberry red. Looking through the ingredients list, my guess is that the “beetroot pieces” are responsible for the color, though I can’t for the life of me imagine what the benefit of beetroot in a caramel almond flavored tea might be… but I digress. On to the taste.

The scent of this brew is but a pale ghost compared to the scent of the dry tea. The caramel is there, faint, but there, and the almond is all but absent. The flavor is simply bland. There is a creamy aftertaste at the back of the throat, and of course I’m sure that the little smell the tea gives off helps to guide your tastebuds in more or less the correct direction. But of taste, of flavor traveling from the liquid to the tongue and your sensory perception, there is nearly none, and what I do catch occasionally is the odd taste of beets. Sadly, the lack of flavor doesn’t even surprise me. I will simply move on the next step as with all Teavana teas: triple the teaspoon to water ratio and give it another shot. For now, this tea gets a rating fit to my experience drinking it, though I suspect my rating will improve once I try the higher flavor concentration.

Flavors: Almond, Caramel

Boiling 7 min, 0 sec 1 tsp 8 OZ / 236 ML

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My scale is simplified for the sake of consistency. The legend follows below:

100 – These teas are simply special. They are not only perfectly balanced, but also particularly appeal to my tastes, emotions, and always have a place in my cupboard.

90 – These teas are perfectly balanced, and have no downsides. I feel this is the highest objective rating I can give, and anything rated higher is simply a special fancy. The teas here are certainly among the best I’ve ever tasted.

80 – These teas are really good, but they may have downsides that are very particular to me. They may be generally well-balanced, but perhaps contain a flavor I’m not personally keen on. Nevertheless, these teas are solid and deserve a chance.

70 – These teas are just alright. Not particularly offensive, but nothing to write home about either. I wouldn’t warn anybody off them, but I wouldn’t restock them myself.

60 – Teas in this category have a fatal flaw or require some serious help, lots of milk and/or sugar, to be enjoyable. But at least they can be salvaged.

50 – This is the lowest reasonable category, in my opinion, as anything lower must either not be tea or altogether undrinkable. I was able to finish one cup of these teas for the sake of fairness, but that was probably all I could drink.

10 – This category is reserved for “teas” so offensive, I could not finish a full cup of one. I’ve yet to have such a bad tea, but I suppose anything is possible.


Alexandria, VA

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