Thanks Mahamosa for including this sample in my order!

I was supposed to go eat lunch downtown with some Yelp people but seeing my bank account changed that. So I ate something here and I wanted to finish up trying to decide on what jobs to bring in for my second class…and I still cannot decide. Might as well bring in four right?

The worst part of the entire project was the realization nothing I want to do can likely be done in Atlanta. The only one in Atlanta is the one with 15-95% travel. And uh that’s okay.

I wasn’t sure I was going to like this, because it sounded heavy on flower petals and orange. I like flower petals but I’m pretty meh on orange. I have also never actually had a jackfruit. I have seen them, and I’ve probably had something jackfruit flavored, but I have no idea what they really taste like.

This tastes pretty close to the jackfruit flavored drink I had…I want to say it was a Vitamin Water flavor but I’m not sure. It has notes of those flower hard candies, and I really can’t taste orange by itself. This is pretty good!

The base tea is a mix of black and green. It’s pretty light so it doesn’t interfere with the flavor. To me it’s really just exotic fruit, that vague term to use when you have no idea what it is because you haven’t had it. But it really has that tropical taste to it. It’s kind of reminding me of strawberries and mango with some other unidentifiable flavors.

Like I said though, tasty, and pretty light. It’d probably make a fantastic iced tea too.

I didn’t finish the cup before I left for class, so I’m finishing it now. It is indeed awesome cold. I think the tea base comes out a bit more this way, but it still has the awesome fruity flavor that is loud and clear!

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I have no standards so I drink everything I can :)



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