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Hey maybe I can finally write this note today.

Last night, I decided I was going to conduct a coconut rum Tropicalia experiment. First I put 8 or 9 tsp of the tea in a 2 cup measuring cup, then covered that with about 1 1/2 oz of coconut rum. While the water was boiling, that was soaking, though I don’t think it really mattered. Then I filled the measuring cup with boiling water and left it to cool, so it was super concentrated.

I planned to try it out last night but this whole go to Cartoon Network thing this morning ruined that. IT WAS SO COOL. The parking garage had the Powerpuff Girls all over it, and everyone’s cubicles were filled with toys and cartoon stuff. This was just the floor with the digital/marketing/research people so I’m hoping next week I can help again on the upper floor.

The thing that amused me most is since this was Turner Studios, across the courtyard was TBS. One of the windows over at Cartoon Network had 3 green pigs from Angry Birds in the window. I didn’t realize until we were getting a final tour before leaving that across the way was a red angry bird.

Anyway, back to this. So obviously it isn’t that strongly alcoholic, I was just wanting a little bit more coconut flavor without adding milk because I don’t really care for this with too much creaminess. And since it was super concentrated, I had to water it down too. This stuff gets pretty thick if you make a really concentrated steep, but it’s just so good when you use 2 – 2 1/2 tsp per cup.

It definitely helped to cut down on the sweetness and make it a bit more coconutty compared to the pineapple. I think it might actually be even better if I also added a bit of pineapple juice, which I of course don’t have.

So of course now I’m almost out of it but I think I’ll be okay until spring anyway.

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