drank Caramel Pumpkin Cheesecake by 52teas
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This is another one I have been meaning so desperately to drink again, so for the sake of 12 teas of Christmas, it’s good to open it up!

(skip to the bottom for the tea but I can’t not share my day!)

Today has been RIDICULOUS. Yesterday afternoon, my coffee brewer friend messages me to see if I can help him out with another of his coffee ambushes today, at CNN. HECK YEAH. So that was a bit more difficult to get pictures of around the place because I was told I couldn’t get too close to things. We were in with like all the editing and stuff, so there were like 200 small screens in this one room and it was amazing.

And then when everything was done, one of the people who got us in took us on a legit tour. There’s a paid tour you can do but this was like 3987529 times better. He took us through the area where if an anchor is in the CNN world headquarters, that’s where they are. It’s like a giant room of people with a billion more TVs and they’re just watching what’s going on everywhere and trying to find out more stuff.

Then he showed us the control room and we watched how everything is put together, like seeing what’s going to be on before it’s actually on TV, that the captions on the screen go on with a guy in there, etc. Then there is one studio here, it isn’t like the big spot with Anderson Cooper or Wolf Blitzer or anything awesome, but they’ve got one, and the guy thought it would possibly not be in use w/everyone on the scene in CT, so we could actually go in it, but that was sadly not the case. So we stood in the area where a normal tour group goes, until they came in, so he had to one-up that.

We actually got to go into the control room for the studio and FURTHER into the studio in the back, where there’s a bunch of desks for people monitoring the weather and that is basically behind and to the right of the anchor.


So I didn’t get any caffeine (like their coffee is the only coffee I drink and I forgot to ask any of them for some, fail) and got home and went to sleep. So now I probably have 7 hours to be awake and drink my day’s teas and do it all over again and go back to Cartoon Network tomorrow. This has seriously been the best month ever.

Back to the tea: I am super excited that I somehow prepared this one in such a way that I don’t even feel a need to add sugar and milk. I guess if I wanted more caramel that would do, but as is, I’m definitely getting delicious pumpkin with spices, drizzled with caramel. I guess it’s not too cheesecakey, but I’m okay with that.

This is definitely one of my faves from 52Teas over the past year so I’m glad it showed up in here. I only have the next two days with me before I head up to Tennessee where the rest of them are, so hopefully on Friday I don’t catch spoilers :O (I won’t have time to look at Steepster until I have it open hahaha)


That sounds like the most amazing day and this tea was included in it!

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That sounds like the most amazing day and this tea was included in it!

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I have no standards so I drink everything I can :)



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