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I’m sad this doesn’t have lime in it, I was expecting that and there aren’t any here right now so I guess tomorrow I will go to the store for some.

Sweetening is a necessity for me when it comes to teas with soda flavoring, especially to have it iced. It makes it taste just like cola.

This is pretty spot on for rum and coke, but without the lime it’s just not a Cuba Libre to me. I know it’s typically without the lime in a lot of countries but the original drink is with lime. I can’t wait to get a bunch of limes and try it out that way.

Sorry if this sounds like oddly critical but I made sure to order a Cuba Libre last week in Tampa and it is my precedent for this. I was sure I wasn’t that big of a fan of rum and cola before I had that thing. I think the secret is you have to use regular and not diet coke. And the just adds the right acidity to make the flavors pop. This is definitely a tasty tea, it definitely tastes better than the prior time I had rum and coke! But I really love how these flavors are even better with lime, and I think a real lime would always be better over there just being lime flavoring in here.

Oh now I realize why I thought I don’t like rum and coke! My parents ALWAYS use spiced rum which I find horrible, so I just made one with white rum to compare and it is so much better, it also tastes just like this tea except that it has the not as great addition of alcohol aftertaste over black tea aftertaste.


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