drank Watermelon Mint by The Republic of Tea
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I don’t know why I got this, maybe because I love watermelon and mint, and also because it was on sale at Whole Foods for $5.49. So that’s 68 cents a quart by RoT measurements, but you have to be kidding if you think I’m only gonna steep this bag once….so saying I’ll steep it twice, four cups a quart… 8.5 cents a cup. Not bad for a RoT product.

And this isn’t bad for a watermelon tea! Usually they never taste like watermelon. This one definitely does, so much so I don’t really taste any mint. I am kind of sad they used peppermint instead of spearmint, but since I can’t notice it beyond how it makes the black tea itself taste, I think I can add in some spearmint myself in the future.

I was certain I was going to regret just grabbing this stuff but now that I’ve made it, I’m glad I did. Also I’m happy they made sure to say to toss the pouch in the garden after! I don’t think the pouch will ever biodegrade but they made an effort, I’ll cut the leaves out and throw them in.

I am going to hopefully go back to planting now…these bumblebees are being psychotic and chasing each other around and they like to wait to be chased by hovering in my patio area and they’re driving me crazy. In the past week, there have been two dead ones on there…I was wondering why but I figured it out. Three bumped into my legs earlier, one bounced off one of my planters, another fell right into one being a goofy bee, etc. I’m trying not to freak out because I know they’re not gonna hurt me as they’re so obsessed with each other (mating? idk what’s going on) but that buzzing just hovering right behind you is super creepy.

eta: second steep does not work at all. I have very anemic looking iced tea. I think the only reason it has any flavor is because I added sugar. I even steeped it for 5 minutes (first steep was 3) and it was still very pale. Boooo, RoT, boooooo. I guess cold steeping is always an option but I imagine it’ll still take forever to get anything out of that.

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