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As you can see from my lack of notes I have been part of an assassination plot known as an 8 page paper + test one day followed by a 38 question take home final, homework, and another test the next day. I have lived, I am not sure if my grades did. (Who am I kidding they’re probably all on life support anyway but at this point I just strive to meet the grades that make the class count.)

BUT I am now done with 1/2 my semester and I don’t think I even have to go to school tomorrow and I have one class entirely left and then a week to study for micro. And then after that test I get a week off before I’m taking environmental econ. I hope I don’t need to repeat any classes but I might have to repeat one. Which sucks but ugh this semester.

So now I can finally log my teas from the past couple of days starting with Cookie, which helped me write my paper. I got this from Azzrian forever ago and I was messing w/my teas last week and realized how many things I’ve gotten from people and held onto for ages and haven’t tried, so I’m attempting to do that over new things. I’m gonna try not to open packages now and get through these old ones.

I was pretty sure I was going to have to go grab milk and sugar to make this tasty, since it’s CTC and old. But it turned out just fine and was tasty. The flavor was more like a tea biscuit rather than a cookie, but better than your average biscuit…this has caramel.

I have enough left to give it a shot a bit stronger, I’d be curious to try it that way with milk and sugar. Just didn’t want to this particular day.

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I have no standards so I drink everything I can :)



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