1220 Tasting Notes

drank Cashew Turtle by 52teas
1220 tasting notes

I opened the page to add a note last night and I didn’t even do it. Welp.

As soon as I smelled this, I knew I would like it. Caramel and chocolate? Aw yeah. Cashews aren’t my favorite nut but it fits in just right in the tea.

So good. I thought I definitely oversteeped it because loading the washing machine took longer than I thought (nothing like someone putting stuff in there but not running it…what), but it was good. I taste the base tea, and everything works together for a good tasty tea. I don’t want to sweeten it but I feel like just a touch of sugar would really make it even better.

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drank Coconut Cheesecake Honeybush by 52teas
1220 tasting notes

Finally getting back around to the 12 teas of Christmas! I put everything into little ziplock bags so I can pick and choose now, so this had to be first!

I get a lot of cinnamon, but I’m pretty sure that’s the honeybush. It comes out more to me than the coconut, but that’s still there. And the best part is the slightly tangy, super creamy taste. I may have to pick up a bag of this sometime soon.

I’d never had honeybush until I tried 52teas, and I don’t think I’d trust anyone else with it, amazing.

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drank Marshmallow Treat Genmaicha by 52teas
1220 tasting notes

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drank White Christmas by Harney & Sons
1220 tasting notes

Since I forgot to give this a try before Christmas, a week after will do. I am finally slightly back to normal, although I have to go to my parents yet again for a couple days. I just want to stay home for longer than 24 hours aghhhh.

This really tastes like white chocolate, despite there not being any in here. I think the vanilla is probably to blame, but it’s not a bad thing. I love the slight spiciness from the cardamom. Since I’ve been eating a ton of Vosges chocolate, I now want a cardamom white chocolate bar. That must exist.

I think next time I will get more than just a sample of this. I wasn’t sure I would like it but I wanted to give something different a try. I’m glad I did.

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drank Mojitea by Argo Tea
1220 tasting notes

I have a) had it made at Argo and b) diluted it when I had the bottled version.

At Argo, you can get it made with sparkling water instead of still, which makes it a lot better. When I had the bottled version, I did like a 4 parts of the tea to 1 part of club soda, and it’s a lot more enjoyable that way. It’s not very much like tea, but if you’re lazy and want a mojito you really could just add some rum to this and be set.

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drank Red Velvet by Argo Tea
1220 tasting notes

Had this with breakfast, the name is clearly deceiving because it’s not really like the cake at all. It’s like a rooibos latte with raspberry and white chocolate. Those are 3 things I love, but the raspberry was just a bit too syrupy for me after about half the drink.

Cool idea though. I think I am going to just get a plain tea from there tomorrow.

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drank Milk & Cookies by 52teas
1220 tasting notes

I just got back from an expedition to TeaGschwendner and my feet are dead and so I can update this right now…especially because my tea drinking right now consists of the Tazo available in the hotel…meh.

I opened and drank this on Christmas Eve because I knew I wouldn’t have a chance on Christmas. I tried to guess what it was before I looked at the label, and I got a hint of the chocolate but mostly just black tea.

It is very much like a Chips Ahoy cookie, and I didn’t sweeten it although I probably should have. It seems like that’s just what it needs to make it all out milk and cookies. But that’s what the rest of it is for.

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drank Caramel Vanilla Chai by 52teas
1220 tasting notes

So I opened my Christmas presents tonight since I’ll be away from my family on Christmas. I had no idea my mom got me the 12 Teas of Christmas, and she had wanted to give it to me at the proper time but that wasn’t going to work. At least I hadn’t looked on Steepster beforehand today so a quarter will be surprises! Although by now I don’t think I really remember what was when so I can still be surprised.

I made this as a latte because I don’t like chai too much by itself and I have the s’mores chai and I figured this too would be too peppery for my liking if I didn’t. I have no idea if there’s some sort of more proper way to do it but I put enough tea for 8oz in but pour only 4oz of water in, then whisk 4 oz of milk on the stove, and once the tea is made, add it to the milk, make sure it’s all nice and hot then put it in my mug. Works for me, I taste everything so I’m sticking with it!

This is pretty good, I don’t know if I would drink it again after this because I have enough chais for the rare times I want it. I do like that it’s sweeter than most though, thanks to the caramel vanilla part.

Also the set of tsacs is going to save my life while staying in a hotel for 5 nights next week. I was trying so desperately to find a way to still have MY tea despite us staying really close to an Argo Tea.

3 min, 30 sec

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drank Snowflake by Georgia Tea Company
1220 tasting notes

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drank Santa's Secret by DAVIDsTEA
1220 tasting notes

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