1220 Tasting Notes

drank Lime Gelato by DAVIDsTEA
1220 tasting notes

In the bag it smell of the tea reminds me a lot of Red Mango frozen yogurt. It doesn’t smell quite the same in the liquor, where the lime becomes more lime than something vaguely tarty with the yogurt before.

This seems like another one that would be better cold. That’s okay, since in the coming days it’s going to quit being cold anyway. Nothing like going from using your winter coat to not needing one in 48 hours…ugh.

Anyway, there is just something I don’t like about the taste upon first sip. Beyond that though it is so good, I love how it turns creamy and I get the lime flavor. I don’t know though what it is that I just don’t like. I can feel it in my nose when I take a sip and it’s just gross. It can’t possibly be the lemongrass because my favorite foods ever involve lemongrass…wahhh. I’ll let it cool off and taste it cold instead now.

ETA: it’s now lukewarm and it is so much better. Iced only it is then!

Aimee Popovacki

i thought i was going crazy and was the only one who didn’t love this tea…. i like it iced….but warm its just bleh…

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drank Chocolate Chili Chai by DAVIDsTEA
1220 tasting notes

Another sample in my order, one I thought about actually purchasing and now I wish I did :( At least there’s still enough for another cup.

It’s not as spicy as I would like it to be, but then again I have a heat tolerance far above normal. It’s so chocolatey though! This is the second chocolate tea I’ve had from DAVIDsTEA and they seriously do it right. I bought Read My Lips and I haven’t tried it yet, but judging from the other comments on this tea I will probably enjoy it too.

It’s not really a chai at all, but then again it does say “southwest chai” which I guess would mean “use peppers” because there doesn’t seem to be any actual spices in here. I can definitely taste that it’s ancho pepper in here, it’s a nice mild kick but I expected a bit more from the peppercorns.

And I decided now to turn it into a latte. I probably should have measured the milk but it’s still good and makes it taste even richer. And now I get more of the peppercorns in the aftertaste!

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I found how to make this not suck, thanks to Teavana’s blending info on their smartphone app. The answer is a 1:1 combination with the Blackberry Mojito green tea. That is one of my favorite teas, so needless to say this is an excellent combination.

Now the amount of hibiscus that could be present is cut down, and it’s actually complimenting the tea rather than taking over it. It makes it extra fruity, but I can still taste that there’s green tea involved.

Bravo, little app, good idea. I’m about to go out to Teavana and buy another 2 oz of Blackberry Mojito so I can throw it right into the bag of Sevenberry Sangria and not have to use what I have on this alone (and then make it its own listing on here because it’s that fantastic). Now to find something that will make Opus Rouge suck less.

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drank Secret Weapon by DAVIDsTEA
1220 tasting notes

I should probably have learned from the time I only wore a hoodie while waiting forever in a line for a concert on a January night about 8 years ago. I had a sinus infection that was so bad I missed school for 2 weeks. Needless to say I woke up all sniffly today and haven’t felt good all day (though that’s not entirely related…)

So this came as a sample in my order and I figured I would give it a try. It’s very very almondy. It’s almost too much because it tastes like nothing but almond. There were plenty of orange pieces and goji berries in there so maybe I just need to let it cool a bit more. It’s kind of weirding me out to drink liquid almond.

Probably wouldn’t ever buy it, but interesting to try.

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drank Organic Hojicha by Mighty Leaf Tea
1220 tasting notes

Drinking this at a coffee shop while awaiting information on a party’s secret location! This tea, while good, is not as exciting as that. Of course this is also the first time I’ve had tea from a bag in months so I feel like I’m missing something. Still it is a good option to have, it isn’t too toasted tasting and it most importantly has warmed me up.

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drank Gunpowder by thepuriTea
1220 tasting notes

I got this as a sample with my order and I have to say, the whole tea leaves as little rocks concept is very weird and very cool.
I’m on a third steeping and I don’t think I can drink anymore, I could steep it a few more times because it just keeps getting better. In fact, this is probably the best cup so far. I’m finally getting that spearmint taste. The first two were okay, mostly a roasty, vegetal taste without any sign of mint. But this I like. Still get a lot of roasted flavor, but now the spearmint is almost the dominant flavor.

Maybe just one more time…ahhh.

Oddly enough when I just put the mug down for a minute, the taste lingering in my mouth feels like I just finished a spearmint hard candy. This gets sweeter as you sip it, it’s very cool! I’m definitely going to think about getting this in the future.

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drank Valentines by Adagio Teas
1220 tasting notes

It smells so good but it tastes so blah. You can’t deny that the dry leaf smell is most definitely chocolate covered strawberries, but that’s not the part most worth enjoying.

The strawberry just isn’t there. It tastes like cheap, watery hot chocolate. The black tea gives the chocolate this bitterness that makes me think of the hot chocolate I had at Petit Le Mans a couple years ago in an attempt to stay warm. It was not good, and its job became just keeping my hands warm.

This tea reminds me of that hot chocolate. And that was not a happy day, sitting out in the second coming of floods hoping for a 10 hour endurance race to actually happen. So I do not think I will try drinking this again.

But it does suck less with a bit of milk and sugar. I don’t like to have to add stuff to tea though, but it becomes a lot less bitter with a splash of milk.


I vagely remember enjoying this… But I have to agree that it does smell a better than it tastes!

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drank Caribbean Breeze Sencha by ZenTea
1220 tasting notes

Decided to have this again today, iced though so I could better drink it with lunch. I’m not really a fan of the double the leaves then pour over ice method because you still have to wait nonetheless. It was like slightly green tea flavored water, but now it’s finally gotten the fruit flavors, and they’re more intense than they were with the hot tea last night. I am trying to use this up so I can use the jar for one of my ten million new teas that I’ve acquired over the past week.

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drank Caribbean Breeze Sencha by ZenTea
1220 tasting notes

I’ve had this for awhile so I think it’s time to start using it up with how much tea I’ve recently acquired. ZenTea really updated their website so now I even know more about this, although I always figured it was a sencha base. Of course it’s nothing special but it goes well with the fruit flavors So now the guessing game is what are those tropical fruits?

I am definitely getting papaya, maybe some passionfruit and pineapple too. It also makes a fantastic iced tea.

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I wasn’t a fan of this the first time I made it. I don’t know what it was, but it was just like it smelled delicious, but it was bland tasting.

Well, I tried again after I wanted some actual green tea, and the results were much better this time around. I absolutely love how the liquor smells, sweet and grassy. Reminds me of summer. The flavor is pretty much the same. It’s not the least bit astringent, and I like it. I’ve never had a Dragon Well before this, and while it’s probably not something I’d drink often, I definitely see myself using up this fantastic sample.

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