1220 Tasting Notes

drank Cookie by Lupicia
1220 tasting notes

Collaspes on your Steepster dashboard.

As you can see from my lack of notes I have been part of an assassination plot known as an 8 page paper + test one day followed by a 38 question take home final, homework, and another test the next day. I have lived, I am not sure if my grades did. (Who am I kidding they’re probably all on life support anyway but at this point I just strive to meet the grades that make the class count.)

BUT I am now done with 1/2 my semester and I don’t think I even have to go to school tomorrow and I have one class entirely left and then a week to study for micro. And then after that test I get a week off before I’m taking environmental econ. I hope I don’t need to repeat any classes but I might have to repeat one. Which sucks but ugh this semester.

So now I can finally log my teas from the past couple of days starting with Cookie, which helped me write my paper. I got this from Azzrian forever ago and I was messing w/my teas last week and realized how many things I’ve gotten from people and held onto for ages and haven’t tried, so I’m attempting to do that over new things. I’m gonna try not to open packages now and get through these old ones.

I was pretty sure I was going to have to go grab milk and sugar to make this tasty, since it’s CTC and old. But it turned out just fine and was tasty. The flavor was more like a tea biscuit rather than a cookie, but better than your average biscuit…this has caramel.

I have enough left to give it a shot a bit stronger, I’d be curious to try it that way with milk and sugar. Just didn’t want to this particular day.

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drank Buchi Water by Buchi
1220 tasting notes

The worst thing happened last week. The tap for this flavor was busted and then to really make it annoying, they left it like it was normal. So last Friday I think it was, I stood there waiting for this girl to stop messing with coffee beans and pour me a cup and it’s, oh it’s broken.


So I finally got some this Saturday, in a 32 oz growler!!! Just what I need. So really that’s been the only tea I’ve been drinking because I can’t be bothered right now. This paper is ruining my life and I still have 3 pages to write.

This is still the best tasting one to me. I just like that it is fruity and kind of minty, and just the right amount of tart. It kind of catches my taste buds sometimes and tastes a little too tart but that’s okay.


i absolutely LOVE getting growlers of Kombucha!! and i hope to get one today.
good luck on your paper!!

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drank Cocomint Cream by DAVIDsTEA
1220 tasting notes

blahblah tl;dr
So…I completely failed at donating blood, and was given a reminder as to why I haven’t tried in years. I should have known there was going to be a problem when I woke up in a panic half an hour after I went to bed. I just get my heart racing so fast, and apparently they all have a 3 tries policy…but they wouldn’t give me enough time to calm myself down. It was incredibly rude too because NOBODY else was there and I’m trying to donate double red blood cells from my O- blood. Like SERIOUSLY give me a chance.
So instead I got to feel bad because I wanted to donate SO BADLY, and then I was made to feel like there’s something wrong with me, and I drove in the most ridiculous rain I’ve dealt with in the longest time to be able to do nothing for people.

And instead of going home to sulk in bed, which was my plan, since I drove past the mall I ended up in Sephora and spent $90. I can’t get over a stupid brush being $32 but whatever, hopefully I’ll never need one again.

So even now, it’s been like 5 hours since I left and I’m all pretty, and I’m still really angry. I just have no idea what I’m supposed to do cause “just calm down” is the least helpful thing you could tell someone?? Yeah.

So I avoided drinking actual tea for a couple days, getting caffeine withdrawal headaches, for no reason and now I don’t even want it.

I guess if I can bring myself to try again I’m not going back to them.

Okay finally this tea. It is comforting, all I wanted was something minty and sweet.

I’m glad when I kept repeatedly ordering from Davids they kept giving me samples of this, so I have enough for the time being.

It’s such a refreshing, awesome mix. The apple kind of ends up tasting like apple instead of just being sweet, but it actually does work with coconut and mint (though I think apple would be good w/either by itself, altogether can seem a bit worrying).

And it’s even so good cold! I might actually like it better cold.

And maybe eventually I will feel better. I’m going to plant stuff in my garden plot tomorrow so there’s that.


I won’t even attempt to donate blood, because my nerves & anxiety get the best of me. And I’m also O-. I was the recipient of a blood transfusion last April & eternaly grateful.
At least you tried. There are people who don’t have the anxiety around it & won’t donate.


Been there, sort of… had a panic attack when my old dentist was trying to novocaine me, and instead of waiting for my lips to stop shaking, he stuck the needle in my bottom lip and numbed my face. Haven’t been back since, and I agree that if that particular place didn’t suit you, but you still want to donate, try somewhere else. Because a bad experience in a place like that won’t go away in your mind, and you’ll likely feel just as anxious there next time.

Gardening always helps, doesn’t it? Jealous that you can start already.


Sorry to hear you had a bad experience. With donating blood, the staff really does make a difference. Hopefully if you try again, you can find a place with a more supportive staff. I really need to schedule my next platelet donation for after I finish my next running race.

Oh and the tea sounds yummy! :-)

Terri HarpLady

Me & 3 of my 4 kids are O-. The boys donate blood regularly. I haven’t for awhile, as every time I did I passed out half way through the process. Not because of nervousness or anything like that, I actually find most medical procedures fascinating to watch. I also have trouble giving blood because my veins are hard to hit, so I end up leaving as a pincushion every time.


Thank you guys. I thought the first girl was nice then I guess she really didn’t want to bother with me and handed me over to someone else and just ugh. I don’t think the right thing to tell someone with anxiety is “it’s mental.” Preeeeetty sure we know that. So I think when/if I try again I’ll go to the Red Cross instead.

I’m hoping everything I have outside right now is going to be fine, it just randomly got cold!


Where did you go? I didn’t know there were places besides the red cross where you could donate.
I take Rescue Remedy for situations like that. Had to have some yesterday actually.


Different areas have other donation centers, the one I went to is like AL/GA/FL but only around Atlanta in GA, kind of weird. Up where my parents live the Red Cross chapter doesn’t even do blood donations.

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So of course this is the other one I had yesterday, like a quart of it. I actually kind of room temperature steeped it, and it worked out. I drank the green rooibos in the meantime and by the time I was ready for this one, it was almost just like how I normally steep it. This way probably makes me use less tea. I realized yesterday at max I can make 1 1/2 gallons of iced tea from 2 oz of this tea, so it’s kind of a pricey thing to use too often especially compared to how cheap one can get green rooibos.

I think though room temp or cold steeping is probably the best way to go so I don’t use as much. I also typically like to make this one so that it’s like juice. It works quite well too when not made so heavy handed.

I still have 3 more bags so hopefully that’ll last me through the summer.


That looks like something that should be eaten, not steeped! :) Looks yummy.


Haha yes, I’ve thought about eating it but it tastes so good steeped I don’t want to!

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drank Green Rooibos by Georgia Tea Company
1220 tasting notes

Ahhh I missed having this. I tried it flash chilled yesterday instead.

I’m going to give blood tomorrow so I’m trying not to overdo it on tea, just drinking fruit ones and this so that I’m full of hemoglobin and super hydrated. I’m excited because I really want to give double red blood cells being O- and I’m just hoping I don’t freak out. My problem is the blood pressure sleeve…see, when people repeatedly use that thing on you and have issues with it working, it becomes a source of anxiety. Like in my mind the next thing that will happen is it becomes stuck while squeezing my arm. I think I can get past the whole needle in the arm thing just fine, that dumb sleeve is holding me up.

So anyway if you have not had plain green rooibos, especially as iced tea, you are missing out. I’d never drink red rooibos by itself. No way. I think it tasted better when I cold brewed it, and generally rooibos does taste better to me if you just make it and cool it off. So double strength poured over ice was going to be the least desired method but I wanted tea now!

It wasn’t so bad actually, the dominant flavor is most definitely honey. And it’s just a sort of crisp, slightly sweet drink. And supposedly good for hydration. We’ll see. I’ve been having a headache since last night which makes no sense.

Now I think I’ll make some more, but this time let it cool off on its own, and go find some of my other green rooibos blends to try out iced.


Just want to say its super awesome that you donate blood, especially being O-.


Thank you, I haven’t done it in a long time because I get anxious so easily, but this past week has really given me a good atmosphere in my head so to speak about why I should just move past that and help people out as best I can, it just happens to be through blood. And every day there are definitely people who it could help, weird things to be bothered by can take a seat.

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drank Shanghai Orchid by Teavana
1220 tasting notes

I have really not felt like writing anything which is a problem when one has a final paper due Tuesday. I finally decided on a topic last night, and it all has to do with beer. I am AMAZED at the level of data one can find out there for this stuff. I’m going by political cultures of states to see if that affects the amount of beer consumed per person, the number of DUIs and underaged drinkers (both of these I figure will be lowest in moralistic states), and if restrictive alcohol laws stifle the economic impact of beer (which I figure will be higher in traditionalistic states). I think that I can make this 8-10 pages. YAY.

So I love orchids a lot but I don’t think I’ve ever had anything orchid flavored. It seems rather unusual. I was worried it might be too perfumey, but I was going to make it iced and take it with me to class so I wasn’t too worried.

It was actually really good. The floral notes are strong, but the apple and other fruit in here adds a welcome bit of sweetness.

This is another one of those where it really doesn’t even matter if there is white tea underneath it all. Super strong flavors and so much fruit just dominates. The hibiscus though is not there at all, I feel like the only thing it did was add a pretty rosy hue to the tea.


Sounds like a very interesting paper.


That’s actually a really cool paper topic. Based strictly on personal observation (no scientific data fo’ me!), I would bet that the more Christian state of Georgia has a higher rate of DUI than the less theistic states of Massachusetts, RI, and maybe even New Hampshire. I’d maybe even venture to say that Red states have a higher percentage of beer consumption than many blue states. I’d be curious as to what you uncover!


I’m having to keep working on it because it’s supposed to have to do with state reforms so pretty much it all has to relate back to laws states have and doing all the states is going to be problematic haha.

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drank Tropical Mango by Teajo Teas
1220 tasting notes

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drank Tutti Fruity by English Tea Store
1220 tasting notes

meh, it’s hibiscus with other stuff added in to pretend it’s not just hibiscus.


Heh, love the description. I avoid hibiscus in most things.

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drank Maple Pecan Oolong by Butiki Teas
1220 tasting notes

When I drink this, all I can remember is the crepe I had in Paris, that’s all I taste. Crepes with maple syrup and pecans (the one I had in Paris was walnuts but pecans are superior anyway). Ugh sorry I have been having bad travel bug wants to go back feelings.

I hadn’t had this one for awhile and it just seems so much more mapley to me today.

Also I am so excited right now, I got a garden plot in the community garden my city FINALLY got started.


My step-mom visited Paris and she always tells me stories of the food! It sounds simply beautiful.
What are you going to be planting? I’ve always found community gardens interesting. We don’t have anything like that here.


I’m not sure yet, I’ve got a bunch of seeds still from what I planted on my patio as well as a bunch of tomato, bell pepper, and jalapeno seedlings I’ve been holding on to hoping I’d get a plot. I want to grow broccoli too at least since my parakeet loves it. I was thinking of getting asparagus roots too but I’m not sure if I will live specifically here long enough for them to become anything. I was also thinking a raspberry bush maybe, when I go to get everything taken care of I’m going to ask if they’re okay since bushes like that spread so easily but I’d loooove to have some berries.


Those all sound so tasty! I didn’t know parakeets ate broccoli. I hope your weather hasn’t been anything like ours. We just got snow this morning and that is probably messing with a lot of people’s planting.


Oh yeah, he loves it. I basically saw off the little buds or whatever that part’s called on the florets on top of his seeds and he’ll eat every bit over a few hours.

It’s been awesome here for at least the past 8-9 days. I was hoping to plant stuff in March but it was so cold then. As long as it doesn’t dip below 40 I’ll be happy, and it shouldn’t do that at this point in time I hope.

Rachel Sincere

Haha about the broccoli! My rat loves it but I hate it so whenever I get Chinese food I pick out the broccoli and give it to him. :-)


Here in Michigan, most of us don’t start planting til late April/May. I wanted to plant some flowers in my yard, but since I figured we weren’t quite done with the cold, maybe I should just plant them in pots and put them in my front window…which does a fair job. I used to have a cat that loved to eat green olives…and he would pick out the pimentos! Another that loved cantaloupe.. So various animals/birds can definitely get into unexpected food.:)

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drank Grapefruit Oolong by Adagio Teas
1220 tasting notes

So I didn’t go to bed until nearly 5am because of a Formula 1 race, and then I had a weird dream where you could go to McDonalds and have Adagio tea. Because if you could sit down and have tea, a fast food place is the spot to do it.

I’ve been meaning to try this sample for awhile now, it smells amazing, but the taste is…very off. It tastes like pepper. Pepper and just a little citrus. It’s so definitely the oolong that is making it taste like pepper. And it’s kind of gross. I’m hoping letting it cool off will make it better.

It’s disappointing because I just picked up a six pack of San Pellegrino’s grapefruit soda for $1.50!! I don’t understand why it’s being discontinued because it tastes so good that I am drinking a second can today while drinking grapefruit tea and now I want a legitimate grapefruit.

My jaw is absolutely killing me tonight, and I don’t know what happened. I’ve had a problem that I’m sure is TMJ since I had braces and they put some robotic looking thing in my mouth to try to pull back an overbite. I’ve complained to my dentist before and I’m “too young to have jaw problems.” So if I end up at an urgent care place tomorrow because I’m crying we’ll see how that goes. There are periods where it’s feeling like it’s trying to separate from the rest of my skull, not even kidding.

Now it’s cooled and I still get the strong pepper notes. It’s not that terrible but I’d like just a bit more grapefruit from it.

195 °F / 90 °C 3 min, 45 sec

LOL, decent tea at McDonalds (a dream, momo, it was only a dream…)
Ouch! Hope you get that jaw of yours fixed :-(

My Friend Rashad

I love the grapefruit san pellegrino!


@TheTeaFairy – It was so weird, they also were selling potato chips for $8. And you just picked your sample size bag and had tea. And it was a big deal in my dream, they were very busy just for this.

I gave in and took ibuprofen and it’s helped a lot, thankfully. Now I have to try to keep myself from rolling onto that side while sleeping, that’s now the real challenge.

@My Friend Rashad – I got it at Kroger and I’m gonna go check the other one I live by and see if they did it too. I hate discovering something is amazing and it’s going away. I love the blood orange one too but I’ve rarely seen this one before and it’s so good. I love that it has the bitter rind flavor to it too (which is probably why they were getting rid of it).

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I have no standards so I drink everything I can :)



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