1220 Tasting Notes

drank Lemon Mango by Love is Tea (LIT)
1220 tasting notes

Hey I can do this sipdown with numbers too…62 left in the spreadsheet for herbal/fruit! …cries

Yesterday was a pretty tea-less day because I had two tests and I was going to a taping of Conan! That was awesome. I did have a tea from Caribou while I was studying but eh not worth logging.

So it’s warm again today, and I made this iced while I was starting on gardening.

This is more like hibiscus lemonade than anything, I definitely do not get mango at all in here. It’s very tart and it tastes like lemons and rosehips and hibiscus.

It’s okay, I think I’d add something mango flavored to it if I had more.


Haha join the numbers club!


Never adding them up…maybe in a year LOL never posting the number of black teas either.


You got to see Conan live!!!! LUCKY!


Yes! He even did a little string dance! They put the entire episode online (idk if that’s standard, I just couldn’t wait until this weekend when I can see a DVR recording) http://teamcoco.com/video/full-episode-4-1-seth-rogen-and-comedian-earthquake




You totally have more teas than me, don’t you!!


i’m guessing yes to that kittenna lol she had the teaboxes!


well…one of the tea box’s contents that I kept have yet to be entered in LOL neither has my big Harney and Sons order, or a bunch of other things…last time I added it up it was over 700


ugh morbid curiosity, 825…without adding a whoooole bunch of stuff


I am not alone!!! :D I know my 798 is also an underestimation because LiberTEAS sent me more than 50 samples, and I didn’t check to make sure everything is actually entered (kept finding teas from DavidsTea that weren’t on the list). Anyways, yay tea hoarders!! Haha :P

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Fixed this one up to match the other Fauchon teas on here now, it was bothering me because I was searching “an evening” and it left out the an. All better!

Steeped this for less time by accident, more focused on studying. I think it worked out better though only being steeped for 3 minutes. It tastes far more like blood orange and apricot now.

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drank Mistress' Vineyard by Dryad Tea
1220 tasting notes


Tried the rest of the sample iced. Definitely not as good as it was hot, which I find weird because it says in the description it is good iced. The cinnamon becomes way more obvious, but it also tastes a lot more like it’s just flavored with hibiscus instead of fruit. Definitely not getting black currant, peach, or apricot. Just hibiscus and cinnamon.

I don’t think I’d get this one again though. It was great hot, it disappointed iced.

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drank Coconut Macaroon by Compass Teas
1220 tasting notes

I prefer macarons over macaroons, to the point I have an irrational hatred for macaroons for when people spell macarons like macaroons.

But I do like coconut. A lot.

So this was okay at first without sugar. It smells really nutty. But what I think must be the base tea is giving it this smoky aftertaste. It’s not offputting enough for me to dump the cup, but it just really doesn’t match the sweet cookie thing this tea has going on otherwise. I added milk and sugar and it makes it more tolerable, as does letting it cool off a bit more.

I added way more sugar than I usually do, which makes this tea taste like I’m having dessert for breakfast.

Thanks, JoonSusanna!


Re: macarons vs. macaroons… Me too!

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Wow. Sebastian got started chirping to a Lady Gaga song on the radio so loudly I could barely hear my kettle beeping right next to me!

The first time I had this, I had it with sugar so I’m trying it without just to see if it really needs it. Not that I remember that first cup, it’s been like seven months.

I really love this tea. It’s a shame it’s hardly oolong but because of that oolong it’s overpriced. I’d love to find a dupe of it… even just a strawberry rose tea.

Anyway, in my mind this doesn’t make sense hot so I’m having it iced. I taste strawberry, rose, and champagne! But not oolong. Obviously. It has the color of rosé (oh my god have I mentioned there’s a chance of going to France in 2014 for the 24 Hours of Le Mans? I’ll pack like one outfit so the rest of my suitcase can be devoted to tea and rosé), but of course rose flavoring is not really why rosé wine is named as such. The rose kind of gets soapy though, I think sugar helps with that.

It almost does taste bubbly too, I can’t believe it. It’s actually probably one of the closest to champagne tasting champagne flavored teas I’ve had. I wish this was just a tisane.

eta: I have decided I am going to find a strawberry tisane I like, get rose petals or buds, and add it to DavidsTea bubbly. VOILA.

Marcel Duchamp

I like this one cold a lot more than warm too.


Love rosé. I’ll have to give this one a try.


That’d be so amazing to go to France! I’ve only had two rosé wines, but I enjoy them much more than any others I’ve experienced. I agree about the price on this. I really wanted to try it warm after my sample cup and I can’t justify it because it didn’t really wow me.

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drank Tropical Green by Zhi Tea
1220 tasting notes

Ok so I don’t think this is one that has aged well if I deduce the same one tea has been around since its first tasting notes on here 3 years ago. There’s something off about it. It doesn’t smell much like fruit at all, and it barely tastes like pineapple…and there’s just something weird about the aftertaste. I know I slightly steeped it longer than I wanted to, but it’s not the taste of oversteeping.

Another to join the garden I need to get started on soon, if only I hadn’t just painted my nails. Amanda problems.

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Thank you yssah for this one!

This is an interesting tea. I am not really familiar with the flavor of figs (I’m also terrified of them since they can essentially eat bees, no not the part about there just being insects it’s the part where the fig can just digest it, NATURE!) I know the flavor of fig but I’m definitely really just getting brown sugar.

I have an ounce of it so I will give it another shot soon, I did not get any of the fig pieces in my infuser but I’m not sure that really matters. In my mind it does.


Woah, I had to google that! Fascinating!


I never knew! I am getting ready to plant some of my MIL’s renegade figs…

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drank SororiTEA's Tri Pi Chai by Uniq Teas
1220 tasting notes

The spice to the white chai remind me of Christmas! As soon as I take a sip it’s just like I’m hit with a taste that reminds me of Christmas when I was a kid…I’m not sure what it is…but man those were the best Christmases, I’m straight into remembering Polly Pocket.

As it cools it becomes stronger and I just kind of feel like I am drinking cologne, like something in there got incredibly woodsy so that’s what I’m getting with the blend of spices and what seems to be the caramel.

So this is a pretty aromatic tea, as you can see. Haha before that point I quite enjoyed it, definitely something that needs to be hot, but I imagine if you just went straight to it being cold it might not be so bad…lukewarm, just nope.

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drank Indian Summer by DAVIDsTEA
1220 tasting notes

This is interesting, I’m pretty sure it’s an incredible disservice to white tea because it looks and tastes more like a tisane.

It’s very fruity, very tart since most of the fruits in here are tart…oh and there’s hibiscus.

I kind of like it. Not enough that I regret not getting some myself, but I like it enough that by the time it’s actually summer I’d love to have this iced.

Thanks, Cavocorax!

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I have had this tea for awhile now, I must have swapped it to someone too? I don’t know. I think everyone’s notes about it threw me off. I do recall one about how we Americans probably have palates more suited for stronger tastes than the nuances of this. Anyway, first I made sure I didn’t touch the leaves and just popped them from their inner bag into the infuser.

I definitely smell honey in the liquor, the color of this tea is even reminiscent of honey.

It tastes slightly sweet, not too sweet for something coated in honey though. There’s a lot of minerality to this TGY. And then in the middle of drinking it I left to meet up with JoonSusanna so now it’s cold, and it still tastes good.

Decided to give it another steep because how can you not with an oolong….but I oversteeped badly so maybe next time.

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I have no standards so I drink everything I can :)



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