1220 Tasting Notes

drank Nina's Japon by Nina's Paris
1220 tasting notes

Wow I didn’t taste caramel at all in here, just vanilla. Weird. To me it was very much like genmaicha ice cream in tea form! Actually I know this company here has made genmaicha ice cream in the past…must inquire when they will do so again.

So I’m not sure what purpose the black tea in here serves, I decided to steep it like a green and sencha was definitely the predominant flavor despite how the dry leaf looked. This tea was both sweet and savory at the same time, but it’s not quite my favorite combination for that. I feel like I missed out on something by not tasting any caramel at all.

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drank Whisky White by DAVIDsTEA
1220 tasting notes

I don’t drink whiskey really at all. I think the closest I ever got was one time with car friends, I had some with Dr. Pepper, and I guess I liked it. After the whole thing was over, some weird dude promised me Jack Daniels the next meet up…I was like, “bro, I live in Tennessee (at the time I did), no.” I think at that point it was just like wooo drinks…I probably hate whiskey.

So I thought though that the flavor would be pretty cool with white tea. And the worst thing that happens, this doesn’t taste like bourbon at all or anything, and it’s just a peach tea.

And that’s really what I get. Peach. I like the idea of a flash steep with this one rather than the four min I believe I went with (I have since left my notebook, which I filled over 6 months with 450+ tasting notes!). That might make it a bit more interesting. There were flashes of whiskey but not enough to make it worth the name.

An expensive experiment, but hey, it’s a discontinued peach tea with stevia that I can drink, unlike Southern Belle.

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drank Banana Cheesecake Genmaicha by 52teas
1220 tasting notes

For some reason I was able to keep myself from opening this up until a few days ago. I finally just really needed to try it.

I have been just really wanting banana flavored teas for some reason. Did I mention I’m not a big fan of actual bananas? I don’t get it.

So this definitely has banana. And on some sips, it tastes very strange, like it just doesn’t work to have banana, cheesecake, and genmaicha all together. But then the very next sip tastes marvelous.

It might be even better iced with just a touch of sweetened condensed milk, I think. I will have to try that. I’m not sure if it was the tea hot or the genmaicha that just makes it seem odd at times, but overall it’s a pretty awesome blend.

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Time to finally get some backlogging going. This is the first EG cream I’ve ever had! I assume the addition of a vanilla/cream flavor is what separates the cream from the usual. I think 4 min is a bit of overkill on this tea. I definitely could taste bergamot in here, but vanilla, not so much. It was probably borderline bitter, but tolerable for at least half the cup…I ended up making dinner in the midst of drinking it and honestly didn’t miss it.

Next time, shorter steep.

Thanks, Cavocorax!

200 °F / 93 °C 4 min, 0 sec
Emily M

For earl greys, I usually hover around the 2 1/2 minute mark (I go a little light on it, though). I almost never follow the recommended steep times. Hope you get better results next time!


Welcome to the wonderful world of Cream Earl Greys. You don’t love them… yet. Oh but you will.

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drank Aloha Pu'erh by DAVIDsTEA
1220 tasting notes

why did they think this was okay to make?


Why would one put chocolate in Pu-er?


I didn’t think it was that bad! I’m terrified to try prairie berry


Sorry! I have yet to try it; I only tried the other one before sending along a sample :(

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drank Main Squeeze by DAVIDsTEA
1220 tasting notes

Felt all blah waking up, figured I’d drink some mate and take a nap so I’d wake up energized.

Yeah…woke up at 1pm.

I found myself wanting this, yet skeptical when I saw it described as tasting like orange juice….but it does. It’s like that Simply Orange (that’s not simply orange it turns out) with pineapple, and papaya too.

This is definitely one of the better flavored green mates I’ve had, although I prefer to be able to taste a bit of the mate itself. It’s pretty covered up in this one by being so fruity. If this manages to still be around when I finally drink down tea, I would definitely get more. Thanks Kittenna!

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drank Rubiee by Dryad Tea
1220 tasting notes

tl;dr I need a little rant, scroll down for tea.

Did not have a good day, I thought it was going to go so well because I got through 4 traffic lights that usually require me to sit at least 10 minutes total. I brought the wrong textbook to study on the train (though that I think turned out ok), and some guy decided to grab me by the elbow downtown and mock me when I yelled at him not to touch me.

I’m actually getting really tired of it because I am harassed almost weekly now, if not more sometimes. I skip class a lot because I don’t want to deal with it. I’ve had a guy start hitting on me just because I sat down next to him on the train when I had no other options. I’ve had two guys touch me despite the fact I am ignoring them saying excuse me. I have heard comments that don’t need to be said about my butt. Only once has a cop been close by for me to do anything. I’m about to carry pepper spray and use it.

I’m just tired of being violated. That’s how it feels to have someone mock you for getting upset they just touched you without it being okay. And he mocked me because apparently he’s free to do what he wants and there is just SO much wrong with that kind of mentality. And there’s so much wrong with that area of Atlanta. They just allow these guys who clearly have nothing else to do loiter around and stuff like this shines a bad light on the city. You know, I rolled my eyes at first when this whole bad ass mall cop thing came out on reddit which spread to the local news, because I knew that wasn’t Atlanta, but with that, a WAFFLE HOUSE charging 20% more for security at night, and all the crap I deal with, Atlanta deserves the rep. Instead of focusing on actual problems, it’s all this stuff with a new billion dollar stadium for a football team, despite the fact there’s a perfectly good stadium already there.

So after my test I just came home and eat whatever I wanted and watch a movie and drink tea. Though, this is from last night but I noticed the dashboard wasn’t working.

here starts an actual tasting note

This was way better than I expected it to be. I thought it would end up being too spiced, but it was very light. None of the spices really stood out, as I was expecting it to be really peppery from all the peppercorns.

The elderberry was really good. I had just had that Wonderberry Truffle oolong from Teavana earlier which is strongly elderberry, and this tea just blew that one out of the water. Mostly because I could also taste the base tea still.

This is the first of my Dryad samples where I feel like I need to get a full ounce of it. I think it would make a good iced tea too, almost like a spiced berry-based punch.

It kind of reminded me of Glitter and Gold if it was a little toned down in spice, and with berry instead of citrus.


I’m so sorry that is happening to you. :( I am absolutely phobic about strangers touching me, I usually stand on the subway just so I don’t have to deal with physical contact.


This is half of the reason I don’t use any public transportation except airplanes. I am strongly anti-touch even with people who know me so I am NOT okay with strangers doing it. Seattle doesn’t seem so bad though, though part of it might be that I just don’t go out much.


That is absolutely terrible. It’s disgusting how people think they can treat a person however they like, because really, what are you going to do, punch them? They’d sue you if you did.


Just do what I do when people do that. Act and look crazy…. people won’t mess with you. Pic related.


Ugh so sorry that happened to you. :( I get really claustrophobic on public transit here as well.


Ze_Teamaker, that’s what my mom taught me when I was little! “If anyone is ever following you or making you feel uncomfortable, start talking loudly to Jesus.” I’ve actually done it before, once you give off the crazy vibe they DO leave you alone… but I usually reserve it for situations where I feel threatened and am mostly alone.

Hesper June

I am so sorry! That is terrible.


Agh. That is not cool. I’m not super fussed about being touched if it’s accidental… but I don’t think anyone’s ever deliberately grabbed my elbow or anything of the like. I’m not entirely sure how I’d react :/ The worst harassment that’s probably ever happened to me is when I was driving with a learner’s license and some jerks thought they’d drive beside me and be all lewd and such, and keep up with me regardless of my speed. I tried my best to ignore them but was really freaked out, as it was 1am or so, but luckily my boyfriend was in the passenger seat and I managed to take an exit without them following me :/ It’s no wonder women carry pepper spray, hey?


Also Alphakitty, the “talking loudly to Jesus” bit makes me laugh and think of April Kepner on Grey’s Anatomy… haha.

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drank Pom Pom Tea by Steep City Teas
1220 tasting notes

This is still hot in my travel mug 5 hours later! Awesome. I have been savoring it because it’s a tasty, fruity blend.

This does have hints of pomegranate to it, along with the cranberry. It’s not super strongly flavored, which I like. The fruit is tart and just a bit sweet. It’s pretty awesome that it provides a nice balance to the black tea base.

This will be a good one to try iced, but not today.There’s a little weather statement about the wind chill getting down to possibly even the single digits so no iced tea here haha.

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drank Honey Ginseng by The Republic of Tea
1220 tasting notes

Haha I’ve got two teas going on right now because I got this for after dinner at Panera. I think I have some of the loose leaf of this from Cup of Tree that I haven’t tried yet, oops. So since this helped my boyfriend get his cinnamon cake slice for 99 cents, even better.

This is definitely honey flavored. That’s about all I taste. It’s sweet, but not cloying or anything.

Can’t wait to try it outside of a crushed up tea sachet. I hope it tastes more like green tea that way.

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drank Coconut Grove by Steep City Teas
1220 tasting notes

I love coconut white teas. I’m super psyched about this one because the white coconut creme tends to be the one everywhere, and while good, I’m loving the idea of a rose coconut tea even more!

This is so good. I love that I can taste the white tea so much. The other usual coconut white can almost make me feel like coconut shreds are in the tea with its powerful coconut-ness. This one perfectly melds the white tea with the coconut. It’s sweet, a little creamy, and just all around awesome.

I don’t get too much rose, but it does taste like there might be just a little bit of a floral note.

Love this for a coconut tea that’s just a bit more delicate tasting, I can’t wait to try more of what I ordered from Steep City now!


One day, I will acquire some of this! Sounds so good.

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I have no standards so I drink everything I can :)



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