1220 Tasting Notes

drank Love In A Cup by Della Terra Teas
1220 tasting notes

Gawwwwwd this one smelled AMAZING when I opened the pouch up.

The dry leaf is just too cute.

This mostly tastes like caramel marshmallows to me, more so than Eight Candles. I didn’t get much chocolate. It’s a very, very sweet tea, so I don’t see any need to ever add sugar, but I might try it with a little milk sometime.

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drank Darjeeling by two leaves and a bud
1220 tasting notes

I made tea for myself on Monday and then left it on the counter. With time to spare, I went to the library for a giant $2 cup of tea and picked this one out.

I probably liked this even better than the tea I had made! (Which I never got to drink.)

It’s not as good as a specific single estate, specific flush Darjeeling, as in I really couldn’t taste my favorite nutty/citrusy notes, but there’s still honey and the lovely Darjeeling astringency. It was an all around smooth and enjoyable cup.

For $2 a cup I don’t have to get mad about forgetting my travel mug!

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drank Cookie Dough by DAVIDsTEA
1220 tasting notes

Can my self-ban on Steepster not include weekends? I think so.

I really did not enjoy this today AT ALL. The walnut got me, it just made the tea taste off. I went with the white tea setting on my kettle (10 below what I used the first time) but I have no idea how long I steeped it the first time… 6 min scares me for a white tea.

This was really good otherwise but since right now I trust Davidstea as far as I can throw the company, I’m not sure how I feel about this one. There are a couple from this Winter collection (see: cocomint cream) I’d like to have a bit more of but they are really making it difficult right now to know exactly what’ll be around and what won’t.

185 °F / 85 °C 3 min, 0 sec
Sweet Canadian

I agree momo! I have been one of the peeps on facebook challenging them on their shiftiness. I hope everything gets cleared up soon, I wish they would just come out and say what they are considering getting rid of, not just what is going away/what is already gone.


Seriously, I had to look so far into comments to find Root Beer Float is gone b/c they didn’t even put it in the list they commented. It doesn’t even belong in comments, it belongs as its own post. I’m pretty much done with them at this point, they called me when I wanted them to email me and now I await my parents asking me to pay them the $3 for being called from Canada. I didn’t pick up the next time that’s for sure.

Jackie O

I brew this one at 176 for 2 minutes and it comes out great, maybe I just love it more than is normal :-P

Sweet Canadian

Wow yeah that is seriously messed up. You are lucky you are in the US, with shipping costs going up here I can’t afford to buy from 52 teas/Della Terra very much anymore. The same thing has happened with Perfect Pear, Pom Power, and I have the sneaking suspicion there are more they haven’t told us about yet. Just come out and say all the ones that you are getting rid of, don’t make us guess.

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So I love anything chocolate cherry and when it was posted you could get a tin of this for $6.50 shipped I figured why not?

I have two other chocolate cherry teas, one from The Tea Spot, which was okay, and then Griottes from Della Terra that I haven’t tried yet.

I think this actually ranks above the Tea Spot one, though I have only had it with additions. I drank this plain and it was soooo perfect. I drank it while watching the series finale of 30 Rock as I cried at the end. Of course.

The chocolate isn’t super strong, but it tastes real enough. The cherry is perfect though. I don’t think it tastes medicinal at all, it tastes like a maraschino cherry.

Of course the only downside of this tea is a) you have to use 2 teabags to make a decent sized cup and b) it’s actually only available from World Market. But if I could get it at such a low price again, I’d get it. I have to try my other two again and see which one really prevails.

Now I must go check on course 2 of our coffee oatmeal stout night. First up was stout mac and cheese (I’m now dying earlier than ever) and next is chocolate stout brownies. My arms are tired from all the whisking and grating.

Boiling 3 min, 15 sec

I think I’m saving up all my tears for when Community ends (HOPEFULLY not this year)… or even for when Community STARTS next week (after not being on TV for almost a year!)

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drank Starry Night by Art of Tea
1220 tasting notes

Well hopefully I can post this without getting kicked out or power going out. Between all the errors of Steepster (coming back 2 hours later and seeing the dashboard is busted — WHY AM I NOT SURPRISED?) and how absolutely hopeless I feel regarding one of the traveling tea boxes, I’m pretty much going on a steepster hiatus. I’ll probably come post notes every so often just for brand new stuff I’m trying, like this.

Let’s be real here, the draw of this one is the white tea stars. I’m not sure what they really add to the tea other than the possibility of feeling like you messed it up.

The vanilla isn’t bad, but this tea is not that good once it starts to cool. The vanilla starts to taste artificial, and the base starts to become bitter. When it’s still hot though, it’s delicious. It wouldn’t ever replace Vanille des Iles for me as a favorite vanilla tea. I may have to try it with milk and sugar to see if it gets that vanilla frosting taste too.

just a little thing to add, please keep Adairsville, GA, in your thoughts. A tornado rolled through there earlier and one person died. Their poor dog was outside and he was rescued but gosh the picture I saw of him still in his dog house, poor baby. There were cars just absolutely flipped and crushed on the highway and 18 wheelers overturned. Scary stuff.

200 °F / 93 °C 4 min, 0 sec


I am sorry the teabox is sending you on a hiatus. Your contribution to this community will be missed!



I’m so sorry the TTB has caused you so much trouble :( We all really appreciate the effort you put into it!


I don’t want to miss you!


I should rephrase it to more of a biweekly type visit rather than all day every day. And you guys are always welcome to add me on Facebook (right now I am a caveman hockey player don’t mind me) https://www.facebook.com/kimisicecream


well Amanda I am coming back and you want to do a break with Steepster :( Hope to see you here on a biweekly basis because I love your notes !


Ah, I’m sorry the tea box is bothering you so much. :/ It should have been fun. It doesn’t even seem like it would be worth it to eventually get the box with all you’ve been through with it. I will miss seeing your tasting notes!


Sent friend request on FB


i sent a friend request.


I will miss seeing your posts!

Terri HarpLady

MOMO, don’t leave us!!!
No point getting upset over those TT boxes, they sort of took on a life of their own, right? I expect Box A will arrive here tomorrow. I’ll enjoy it, & then forward it to you. PM me your address, ok? I’m friending you on FB.


I think we all need a break every once in a while. Just don’t stay away from us too long. :)

Josie Jade

I received my lip balm and the mail today and I couldn’t be more happy with it – every flavor I’ve tried is perfect!! I’m allergic to everything and picky about my lip glosses, so I was thrilled to hear about your Etsy store. I’ll definitely be ordering from you again. :)


Yay I’m so glad you like them! I’ll be making more new flavors soon since I got a bunch of supplies in the other day.

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drank Chance Combinations by Custom
1220 tasting notes

Precious White Peach (thanks to Chuckieroy) + Peach Tranquility (thanks to tperez)

I had the white tea peach one before when I was at store I don’t like naming. I can’t remember now if I had it hot or iced, I feel like it was hot and I didn’t like it. It seems so suited to iced tea.

To add more peachiness to it, I threw in the peach tisane.

It’s not very much white tea to begin with just as PWP, but it’s still kind of there, along with peach. The tisane adds some pineapple to it too.

I just realized that I had been trying NOT to drink anything peach after having so many recently LOL but these honestly are the best tasting ones.

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drank Big Apple by DAVIDsTEA
1220 tasting notes

I wish I knew what temp I was using on this before, 2 1/2 minutes and 200 degrees is just not tasty. Too bitter.

I waited for it to cool off entirely before drinking most of it, but it just doesn’t really tasty appley. I think I’ll stick with less than 2 min and see how that goes first since thanks to Reasoned_Melody, I have more of this and don’t have to hoard it haha.

I can’t figure out if I had it hot before either…definitely love it iced.


This almost has to be steeped under 175 for a few minutes. This tea is too finicky!


I like this best cold brewed

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drank Kenyan Tinderet by DAVIDsTEA
1220 tasting notes

I wanted something strong but this seems like it might be TOO strong. I don’t think I even steeped it more than 2 1/2 minutes before I was like this is too strong. Now with milk in it it looks like a ginger tinged cup of coffee rather than some tea.

It is definitely lighter in taste than it is in smells. I could probably have let it go to three minutes, but it totally needs the milk for my tastes. I can tell that without it, it would be really malty and I probably wouldn’t care for it.

It’s really rather honey sweet, along with what seems like bittersweet, dark chocolate. Almost tastes like a chocolate cereal to me too.

I bet if you can get this all the way to 4 minutes, it will get you on your feet in the morning.

Thanks, Reasoned_Melody!

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drank Cassis & Blueberry by Lupicia
1220 tasting notes

Agree with people that say this is not as tasty as it smells. This was one of the make up samples Lupicia sent and I’m on the lookout for a black currant tea I like. This one would not be it.

I’m not sure if it’s the base tea or the flavorings themselves but the taste is just kind of meh. It’s very, very berry but it just seems kind of fake tasting. The base tea started off okay but has fallen flat in my opinion to holding up the flavors. It doesn’t help either that as it’s cooled it’s gotten a bit bitter.

Oh well, plenty more out there to try.

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drank Mint Verbena by Harney & Sons
1220 tasting notes

I quite like this. I got it as a sample when I ordered back in November and it was really the only one they sent me that I felt I’d even drink.

Feeling blah means this combination sounded most excellent tonight.

It’s nothing remarkable, it’s mint and lemon verbena. It mostly tastes like mint though, there’s maybe a little bitter/tart taste of lemon to it, but hardly.

I’d rather have just plain mint tea. But it was nice to try for something slightly different.

Ohhh I have exciting Black Bear Laboratory news, I am going to start on solid perfumes too. It just seemed it was finally time while I was ordering all the oils/butters and such for more. I can’t believe how many lip balms I made off 1 lb of wax.


Cool! My Sammie dog loves my Pumpkin Chai lip balm I bought from you. He tries to lick my lips!


oooo, solid perfumes sound fun! I gave some tubes of lip balm to my friends who now want to eat all they flavors you sell.

Josie Jade

Oh I love lip balms! Where do you sell yours at?

Josie Jade

Thanks for the link, I’ll be ordering some soon!

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I have no standards so I drink everything I can :)



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