1220 Tasting Notes

drank Fruits d'Alsace by Harney & Sons
1220 tasting notes

Drank this earlier but it was nothing memorable. I think I oversteeped it or something because the base tea was kind of overpowering and this odd mix of malt-smoke. Next time I will pay attention. Still had a bit of plum to it but I ended up letting it get cold.

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drank Blueberry Streusel Honeybush by 52teas
1220 tasting notes

You guys I am so close to becoming the Battlestar Galactica episode of Portlandia but with Doctor Who. I started back on September 14 (thanks Netflix activity history) out of just pure curiosity and now I’m to the point where going out to mail things was like a serious problem in continuing to watch. I am not even writing tasting notes at the right times hahaha. And what do I do when I get to the end of what’s on Netflix??? WAH

Ok so had this last night. It is a bit blueberry muffin-ish I suppose, all I really got was blueberry with a hint of cake. I guess it makes sense since you just put streusel on top of a muffin, so muffin is a perfectly acceptable thing to say. Eating streusel by itself is kind of iffy. At least for me.

Maybe I could use this a little sweeter, it doesn’t seem as wonderfully blueberry as Blueberry Cream Cheese Danish. But there’s butter and brown sugar notes and definitely cake. I will have to experiment a bit before this is up there in deliciousness for me.


Buy the iTunes season pass! That will take you up to the Christmas episode! :)


Oooh I should do that and then I’m sure by then I’ll be caught up to the point of stealing space on my boyfriend’s DVR


I looooove Dr. Who! Although to be fair I’ve only seen the 10th and 11th Doctor series. My goal is to be Amelia Pond and have my boyfriend be Rory Pond (haha I love that) for Halloween one year!

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Thanks Kittenna! All of a sudden samples from you that I’ve been holding on to for forever have made their way to the forefront. Probably a good thing.

I’m not getting much flavor from this in the way of raspberry or apricot. Sencha though? Definitely. And there is a subtle fruity sweetness to it but it’s kind of hard to tell what it might be.

I let it cool off and I can taste raspberry for sure now. I think I will save the rest of my sample to cold steep.

Also I am so excited for hockey I am already plotting places I want to go in Raleigh. I can’t believe how long North Carolina is, it’s only 65 miles further to go to Tampa and driving back from Tampa felt like AGES. Short list: Tin Roof Teas, tea buying moratoriums stop when you’re somewhere new right?

But I know my boyfriend wants to go to Tampa because they have tesla coils in the arena. Wah wah wahhhh there aren’t even schedules yet what am I doing.


Tin roof is awesome! I always go there if in near Raleigh


Hahaha, I need to locate my last box from you! And sipdown the samples you sent in the first box :D (Which should be easy, about one cup each is left!)

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I wish this could be around forever, sadly I have enough for 2-3 cups left. Wah. It’s so perfect for a quick iced tea, and I love having a kiwi strawberry tea that doesn’t involve hibiscus.

See previous notes for more, I am already mourning.

Daniel Scott

Wait, your review implies you’ve had kiwi strawberry teas that do have hibiscus. Ew! Who would create that combination?


http://steepster.com/search?products=on&q=kiwi+strawberry a ton of companies apparently, I did not think searching that was going to end up with so many pictures filled with hibiscus honestly!


Hibiscus is ok (well for me anyways.) as long as it doesn’t overpower. I find it can put an interesting twist on an overall sweet taste.

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drank Ice Cream Cake by DAVIDsTEA
1220 tasting notes

How did I ever drink this and why did I rate it so high? GROSS HOT. SO GROSS HOT.

Now that it has significantly cooled, it is FAR more drinkable. I was about to just leave this at gross, but curiosity got the best of me…so I took a sip now and it’s tolerable. Still a bit weird tasting, but at least somewhat like neapolitan ice cream.

Thankfully I only have enough for a cup of this left now. augh.


Weird. Maybe it’s better iced?


I tried adding ice to it and then I couldn’t drink it at all! So apparently room temperature works for me and nothing else. And yet somehow way before I loved it. So confusing.


hmmm. this has happened to me before with several teas… Were there two different orders? Once I got a half ounce of Mother’s Little Helper at Davids and the went back the next day and got another half ounce (i know, i’m weird) and the second had much more lemongrass in it.


Nope, all from the same bag.

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Having such a lazy day today. Bleh. I had wanted to go see Les Miserables by myself but after crying at Doctor Who earlier in the day I did not want more of that. Also lazy. Although how lazy can you be while learning French. Je bois du thé et je mange du pain au fromage.

Thanks again to Kittenna for a sample of this, although I got a bit of a packet of this too now so yay. I quite like it.

The bag makes it sound like it is going to be more like a chai, which had me worried, but it indeed is snickerdoodle cookies.

I only discovered snickerdoodles a couple years ago, so of course I had to make them. My boyfriend LOVES cinnamon, so they were a hit. I even had to make them for him to take into work once. This tea is just like them, a bit of vanilla, a bit of cinnamon sugar, and the black tea does do a pretty excellent job of being reminiscent of baked cookies.


nous pouvons toujours parler en francais si ca vous aide :)


I only got started 2 or 3 days ago in an actual serious spending time on this fashion so that will definitely be useful soon, as this is not too difficult….just slightly more evil than Latin.


Oh man. I definitely relate to crying at Doctor Who. Which episode?


The Doctor’s Daughter but I mean really when are you not at least tearing up, ugh.


I remember watching Doomsday on my laptop with the headphones on and BAWLING MY EYES OUT. My bf looks over and immediately thought something terrible was wrong.

It was, but… it was also only DW. :P <3

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drank Caramel Apple Honeybush by 52teas
1220 tasting notes

Tea from last night! I got distracted while drinking it. I’m learning French through Duolingo and once you complete a section it has all these crazy timed sessions and the tea got cold.

It is definitely still one of my favorite honeybush blends. It’s almost like a caramel apple cider but tea instead! Tastes exactly like caramel apples. Nothing much else to add.

Looking at my old note, I still have a bottle of that caramel apple ale. I need to toss that.


oooh caramel apple tea! If Frank re-blends this I’ll be all over it like white on rice


I would be all over it too if it were not honeybush.


I haven’t heard of duolino. Totally checking it out. I made it to intermediate french in college 9 years ago, then forgot everything. I tried learning Spanish through Rosetta Stone and livemocha but I stalled out. Maybe I should try again! I just want to read/ write another language! I’m not so much worried about speaking and understanding, although that would be great too.


Does Duolino cost much? I can’t afford Rosetta Stone.


It costs absolutely nothing! They make their money by providing translations elsewhere or something like that. They have French, Spanish, German, Italian, and Portuguese I believe. I like the set up a lot, I hated Rosetta Stone when I tried it. Livemocha is okay, but something about this makes me want to keep on learning. Probably the owl.


I did it! I’m learning Spanish! :D


WOO HOOO awesome thank you so much! I wish they taught Mandarin but hey Ill try one of those!


Free? wow I need to try! Wonder if they have an android app


They don’t – I looked into that right away, but THEY DID just hire an android developer and they plan to have one soon.


sweet!! thx! :D


I played with it last night. I only could get up to level 2 in French and had a really hard time but sailed through 3 levels in German – I don’t care to learn German but it seems I am pretty good at it. lol go figure.


If anyone wants to add me (so we can compare points and maybe keep each other going), I’m cavocorax there too.

Momo – we’ve totally HIJACKED your tea post. :P But thanks for letting us know about the site.

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drank Cacao Mint Black by Teavana
1220 tasting notes

Want to make this actually taste like chocolate? Add a teaspoon of hot cocoa mix. Awww yeah.

You don’t lose out on the mint either, but I bet a mint hot cocoa mix would be even better! Sadly I only have the mini marshmallow kind or salted caramel kind right now, so mini marshmallows it was!


This is my brother-in-law’s favorite tea – I think I need to tell him about the hot cocoa tip ASAP!


Oh. Wow. That’s a fantastic idea!!! I’m sick of weak chocolately tea blends, but.. why not do that? :O


That sounds really tasty. I do a similar thing for my husband with an apple tea plus half a packet of that powdered apple cider mix, but your idea is way better because chocolate.

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drank Chance Combinations by Custom
1220 tasting notes

another attempt at just entertaining myself using Teavana blends:
(3 tsp of Raspberry Riot Lemon Mate + 2 tsp of Blackberry Mojito + a mug full of 175* water) x 2 min = something that most definitely needs to be poured over ice (and then saved for cold steeping).

I like Raspberry Riot because it’s like caffeinated juice and I could go for that right now. Then I thought, well, I have all this Blackberry Mojito that I like by itself, what if I had a bit of mint to the mate?

I’d actually not steep them together in the future because I prefer the mate steeped a long time and obviously I don’t want to steep a green tea more than a couple minutes. So I’m not sure if this will really be like caffeinated juice today (although that’s why I went with 3 tsp), but I do taste both the raspberry and the lemon. Blackberry not so much, but the mint is definitely there.

Also this makes it way too hibiscusy. I can stand both of these teas on their own without thinking they’re too bad, but this one…yikes.

I tried.

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drank Cheesecake Matcha by Red Leaf Tea
1220 tasting notes

It’s been so long since I’ve had matcha. I feel silly.

Now of course this has probably aged, though I’ve been keeping it all in the fridge. But I think the problem more is that I have forgotten the parameters I liked. So really I think I made this too light, because it smells like cheesecake in the tin, and this sure tastes like matcha.

I also realized I don’t have milk of some sort so I probably went too heavy on the coconut milk creamer. Oh well. It’s the matcha part that counts right? I don’t want this stupid flu that so many people have.

I need to get back into the reviewing for more matcha thing, I am in desperate need for some of the other flavors but first I should finish off what I have :)


I’m with you there sista! Trying to get through some of the flavours i have so that i can order more!


Matcha can prevent the flu, or did I take the wrong thing away from that?


I doubt it would prevent it if you’ve already been exposed, just that if you’re regularly getting the right vitamins and antioxidants it might help keep you from getting sick during the season.


Cool! I’m going to have to try some sometime.

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I have no standards so I drink everything I can :)



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