1220 Tasting Notes

Tried again with this one, attempting to make it taste like cookies involved me making it taste even worse than the first time I had it.

I used 3 bags in a giant mug and added milk, and a bit of agave and it just tasted horrible. Next time I’ll do 2 in an 8 oz mug again, and I’ll also measure the insides of the penguin on skates mug I have to see if that was too much or what.

Or this tea is just weird and terrible but I’ll keep trying till I run out of bags.


I’ve also gotten sort of a weird taste if I put too many bags in. 2 bags in a 16oz worked well tastewise, although it was weak, and 1 in an 8oz worked okay too. I add a little bit of agave and milk. But overall I’m kind of disappointed.


Someone recommended a super long steep time with this one. I tried it, and loved it. (Before that tip, it was too weak for my tastes.) I usually do 2 bags to 16 oz, along with milk and raw sugar.

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Alright. I was thinking about this one last night so I figured it was time to give it another try.

Great big heaping 1/2 tablespoon. boiling water, steeped for 10 minutes. Still having issues :(

I can kind of get cheesecake, and a little chocolate, but no peanut butter.

At least honeybush is more drinkable than rooibos. So it’s not all that bad to drink but I wish I could taste the peanut butter cup!


Glad this one wasn’t the best tea ever, because it haunted me after I didn’t buy it and it sold out. It sounds like it should pretty much be the mother of all dessert teas.

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Ughhh as if this past week of food and stuff (namely cookie cake) wasn’t enough, we are going to Capital Grille on Saturday for our fifth anniversary of dating! And apparently they go all out on you.

If I could just drink tea the rest of the week, that’d be great.

I just got A TON of new tea in today so I’m hoping to finish some things off soon, this being one of them. There’s maybe 2-3 cups left after this one so yay, even though I have really, really enjoyed this one.

This is my favorite blueberry tea, and I love love love the cream cheese tang. The pastry part is also somewhat present, though I think that it gets boosted by the assam. And for some reason today I’m getting a little smokiness, though now that it’s cooled it’s faded. Kind of made for an interesting taste!

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This one is nowhere near as good as the Assam Breakfast sachet. Bleh! Though judging by the other notes, maybe the milk at this coffee shop was bad? In that case, I’ll stick to the one on campus that has Assam breakfast…

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drank Classic Apple Pie by Della Terra Teas
1220 tasting notes

Drank this last night but was too busy cursing studying to write a note. This was goooood, I wasn’t sure I’d like this because the caramel candy apple tea gave me a weird note from the apple peels. Della Terra did send me a new sample of that but I have no idea where it is :( Tea problems.

Anyway this does taste very much like apple pie. This one has that pie crust flavor that Grandma’s Pumpkin Pie doesn’t have. The almond does it I guess? I didn’t even realize this had almond in it until now. Definitely doesn’t taste like almond.

The apple and cinnamon definitely tastes a lot like the apples in pie, I still have a piece of pie from Thanksgiving that I made. My fridge is always freezing because I don’t understand it, so I hope it’s still good thanks to that…this tea made me want it later today. It tastes exactly like it, with the nice addition of black tea. The base tea isn’t too strong though, so it almost is reminiscent of apple cider too.

I wish I hadn’t gotten just a try me size of this now!

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drank Love Spell by Teaopia
1220 tasting notes

Every time I have to read about the subprime mortgage financial crisis stuff I just completely shut off because it just seems so painfully stupid, bunch of dumb banks/nonbank financial institutions (I hate this phrase so much and I have to write it at least a couple times tomorrow NOOOOO)

This reminds me a lot of Tropicalia but not as flavorful and with green tea. It even has pretty similar candy hearts. With everything in this tea I was expecting some fruity mess, but I was pleasantly surprised. I tasted mostly coconut and pineapple, and the sencha added a nice change of flavor, so it wasn’t like being overpowered with sweetness.

I was also surprised it was really good hot. These are sort of the flavors I’d choose for iced tea, but it wasn’t bad at all hot!

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drank Honey Nut Biscotti by Kally Tea
1220 tasting notes

Sample sipdowns count for something right?

Since my mom declared tea to not be her cup of tea, I’m keeping the perfect tea mug I got her for Christmas. It also doesn’t help that she just bought new dishes and it came with mugs, so there are now 8 new, bigger mugs in the cabinet. So mine, I get to have one at my place and one at my boyfriend’s.

I have a test tomorrow in Int’l Finance and I want to study a bit before dinner, so I figured another cup of tea would be perfect. I’m not worried about this test at all because I am a Bretton Woods and Eurozone expert as well as way too well versed in the subprime mortgage stuff that occurred here so joy, going over that stuff for the 1000th time.

This is not as tasty as the first time I had it…it tastes oddly like a Lipton soup I’ve had. I’m not sure if that’s because I did not steep it as long as last time or what. But the pistachios are kind of giving it that taste.

I can’t drink this because of it, hahaha I don’t know what the problem is but it’s just too weird that it tastes like chicken noodle soup.


Was that a Bretton Woods Chicken or a Eurozone Chicken?


Are you doing an economics degree? I only ask because my bf is, so I hear a lot about sub prime mortgages and utility functions etc. G’luck.

And nice score! :P Except, I guess you need to buy another present!

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This reminds me a lot of Pumpkin Chai, except that I can taste pumpkin without sweetening the tea.

It doesn’t completely remind me of pumpkin pie, but that’s okay. I’m not a fan of pumpkin pie. Give me pumpkin cheesecake!

Pumpkin it indeed is though, and the pumpkin sprinkles are an adorable touch. If you’ve had DavidTeas’s Pumpkin Chai, this is verrrry much like it but so much better. I’m not even worried about getting some of it now because this is far more enjoyable to me. I only really like that tea with milk and brown sugar. This one doesn’t even need anything, and it tastes just like the flavor I get with those additions in Pumpkin Chai.

Though I imagine maybe some milk brings out more of a creamy flavor that’d be like pumpkin pie? But it does seem to be lacking any kind of pie crust type flavor. Like I said, fine by me. I’m just here for the pumpkin.


Wow. That good eh? :O


I have some of this coming in the mail but now I can’t wait! Very exited at the prospect of something better than Pumpkin Chai :)


Yeah, this was a surprise hit with me!

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I had this last night and had to have it again today because it is awesome. This is the redesigned version of the tea, which was redone last month (other notes are months old).

Both times I have steeped it at 3 minutes. For me this is like the nice sweet spot for breakfast teas. With this tea, it means not even needing a splash of milk at all.

It’s slightly malty and sweet, with some nuttiness to it too. It’s bold, but not too in your face. No astringency at all.

Now to just actually have it in the morning. I’m struggling to get through this day so a little boost of caffeine now is just right.

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drank Shui Xian Wuyi Oolong by Verdant Tea
1220 tasting notes

Teas like this in my gaiwan are the reason I convinced my mom to get me an electric kettle for Christmas.

I only had two steeps and I’ll probably go back to it later.

First steep was 10s, second 11. I probably should have had the water a bit warmer so I’ll make sure of that next time.

First, I am not a fan at all of darker oolongs like this, but I actually like this one! My problem is usually that they taste of wet wood with all these other flavors bouncing around. This one does not do that.

On these two steeps so far I mostly taste honey. I didn’t get much of anything else. It does have that woodiness, but not in a bad way at all. There was also just a hint of floral.

Ok, steeped 4 more times and it really never started to taste any differently. Maybe it got creamier. I just really need to try again when I have a kettle that makes this easy. Even with a gas stove it took forever to get just a bit of water to reboil for a second steep after the first I’d do.

Now I have to drink water because I ate a giant slice of cake. Ugh.

Oh, Sebastian turned into seed. http://25.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_me4kbi69vG1qz5e5oo1_1280.jpg He is a growing bird though, but this was his 8th meal of the day (my mom kept calling him Bigfoot because he’s so small compared to them)! Also he finally chirped at home, to a Formula 1 video, a German video at that. He is very smart already.

Terri HarpLady

I really like this one too.

Invader Zim

I used to dislike darker oolongs too. Verdant has changed that for me, I love all their darker oolongs, this one was probably my least favorite and I still liked it!


Heh I’m on the opposite end of you guys. Gimme a dark oolong anyway! Ill pass on the green ones :)!

Whispering Pines Tea Company

Mmmm dark oolong! Woodyness is probably my favorite quality in a tea :)


He is such a little cutie. =)

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I have no standards so I drink everything I can :)



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