1220 Tasting Notes

drank Lime Jello Salad Green Tea by 52teas
1220 tasting notes

I think I’m gonna leave for a couple hours and see how that makes the parakeet feel. He hasn’t budged since I uncovered him this morning. I held seeds to him and he wouldn’t eat them. Arrrgh. I’ll just leave the classical music on and go to the tea shop, haven’t been there in ages.

I made this to go with my lunch. When Publix has top sirloin on sale I always buy some. So I had it on a panini and later I am going to have fajitas! I’m so cold, I had no idea it got down to near freezing this morning because I have no concept of time anymore, so I thought hot tea would go nice with a hot sandwich, and this one is light enough to not mess with my tastebuds while still having flavor.

It’s been awhile since I had it too, but I still really enjoy it. I like lime flavored things, but I rarely ever have any. I think I may only have one other lime flavored tea, and this one is infinitely better because of its additional creaminess. And as I’ve stated in past reviews, it really reminds me of holidays.

I think I like it better hot than iced. I have to drink it a bit more often to really decide.


Aw I hope little Sebastian is ok. That was a good idea to play classical music.


I think he’s still trying to adjust. The problem is I have to take him with me next week to Tennessee, so I’d like him to at least be used to his cage by then. And hopefully there, because my parents have two birds, he’ll hear the obnoxious one and maybe perk up a bit.

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I have no idea why I ordered this. At all. That would also be why I’ve been holding onto it since May.

Nothing about the description of it even vaguely sounds good to me so I REALLY have no idea why I bought it.

I gave it a chance anyway because Upton’s BOP Margaret’s Hope is pretty good. But that’s a broken leaf…according to wikipedia, this is from the lowest level of the fanning grade.

Makes me sound mean and snobby but…tastes like it! I steeped it just for 2 minutes and it tastes like nutmeg mixed with malty dirt. Not a fan.


I might have just ordered that!


Momo, you’re not being snobby, you’re just a good tea connoisseur!


While I’d argue that wikipedia is not always correct, and also that a small CTC or broken leaf does not always indicate that it is a low grade of tea (I’ve had some pretty remarkable small cut or broken leaf teas), if you don’t like what you’re tasting, you don’t like it, and there’s no arguing that. It doesn’t make you a snob. :)

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drank Chocolate Cherry Bomb! by The Tea Spot
1220 tasting notes

Hello world, I’m your wild girl, I’m your ch-ch-ch-ch-ch-cherry bomb!

This is a bit cooler than I wanted it to be, but it’s okay, because I got Sebastian to eat. I figured out he is male, he’s got some recessive parakeet gene where he will have a purple nose! So that’s interesting. I was talking to him about his name and he chirped, finally. But I think he’s actually VERY young so he’s not too sure about himself getting around the cage. So I had to put seeds on a dish and hold it for him, and same with a bit of water.

So this tea, I added a bit of agave and coconut milk creamer because it just seems like this tea calls for it. Indeed, it is like Cherry Garcia ice cream in tea form. I actually kind of wish I skipped the creamer, but it’s still so good. Makes it a bit more like those boxed cherries that are out right around now.

The cherry flavor is awesome too because it does not taste medicinal at all. The chocolate is just enough to not have me calling for more. Or maybe I’m not feeling that much like chocolate…although I guess I am since I picked this out.

In the future I would definitely consider getting a larger amount of this than a sample if I continue to like it this much next time I get around to drinking it.


You are so funny!


hahaha! at first, I wasn’t sure who or what Sebastian was! Until I read the part about the seeds, I thought he was a boy!! Quite funny :-)


I read it as, “I’ve got Sebastian to eat” so I immediately thought of The Little Mermaid. I thought you were having lobster or something. LOL!


Hahaha I named him for my favorite Formula 1 driver, but after saying it so many times I started thinking of The Little Mermaid, which also reminds me of when my boyfriend took me to see Anthony Bourdain a couple years ago.

His daughter was around 5-6 I think, and him and his family were in France. They ordered a big seafood platter, layers and layers of seafood. At the top is a lobster, and she grabs it. She yells, SEBASTIAN! and then tears right into it. He thought she was going to cry and not eat it!



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drank Gunpowder by thepuriTea
1220 tasting notes

It’s been awhile since I had this one! SimplyJenW sent me some awhile ago and I just got around to trying it again after I had a sample from thepuriTea.

I probably still have that sample somewhere…ugh.

I had the first steep earlier, it was very roasty. It almost tasted like a genmaicha. The second steep has that same roastiness, but with a bit of spearmint now.

I definitely remember this being a bit sweeter…but I still like it. I prefer the houjicha/genmaicha type flavor compared to smokiness.

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drank Pepper Mango Green Tea by Gurman's
1220 tasting notes

Thank you Azzrian!

The dry leaf of these tea is really exciting. When I have the time, I like to rehydrate dried peppers and then grind them into a paste in my food processor for chili. So seeing the big chunks of dried chili pepper in here is excellent!

Usually I am really sad and pathetic when it comes to spicy drinks. Soups, I’m okay, but I tried this cayenne/ginger kombucha the other week and couldn’t handle it. And I seriously love spicy food.

This is so good, and I don’t know if it’s the mango or what but I can handle it. If you leave it in your mouth too long it starts to hurt, but in the good way…you know what I mean if you like spicy food. Then the mango makes it all better, and the aftertaste has just one final kick.

I’m taking this with me to Thanksgiving. I got my brother to drink iced tea last time I was up there, and he also likes spicy stuff. But I think I’ll try to get him to drink it without telling him it’s gonna be spicy, and tell him he has to hold it in his mouth for about 20 seconds before swallowing for the best flavor of tea. Hahahahaha. I’m horrible. (He deserves it.)


hehe you big meanine :D


It probably won’t even affect him but I want to try >:)


I’m the opposite! I have zero tolerance for spicy food, but when it comes to tea, I’m finding that I quite like the spicy stuff. Strange how that works. =)

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drank Fireside S'mores Tea by Teaopia
1220 tasting notes

Thanks, Kittenna!

Well, I don’t taste anything. I’m waiting and waiting for a flavor but it’s doing nothing for me. I only steeped it for 3 minutes, though that’s what the instructions say…3-4…wah.
It’s like maybe someone sprinkled graham cracker in watered down tea, but that’s about it.

Judging from some other notes, it seems this is common. Blah. I would try it again with more leaf and more time, but I want to move on to another type of tea.

Here is a picture of unnamed baby bird: http://25.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_mdcr0c0C6y1qz5e5oo1_1280.jpg
We’re listening to James Bond themes now.


awww… what a cute bird!! :D


I find this one is too astringent for me. Must be the mix of different tea types.


Adorable bird!

Hesper June

Such a cutie!


I love your buuurd


So cute!

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drank Salted Caramel by DAVIDsTEA
1220 tasting notes

I got my little birdie! He’s sitting in his cage all comfy while we listen to Lykke Li and I drink this. I already got him to get on my finger and eat some millet while I held it. He oddly seems more uncomfortable with the cage than me, so I broke that rule. I haven’t decided on a name yet because I can’t figure him out till he starts acting more like himself again.

But I am leaning towards Seb or Sebastian, though at this point he might be a Kimi.

So I haven’t had this tea for a bit, and I do love salted caramel so it was time for some again. It actually reminds me more of toffee than caramel. But it’s still got that burnt sugar type flavor. I definitely love it, it’s hard to get such a sweet, creamy flavor without adding milk or sugar. I added neither and it still tastes so good.

I really want a latte with this but unfortunately my small size saucepan got messed up by stupid candle wax. So when I go to buy my dear little bird a radio tomorrow, I will get one of them too and fix this want.

I just wish there was an easier way to add salt. I guess the latte might be the answer, especially if there was a caramel sauce on top…


I saw the pic you posted. He is pretty!! I had one with my best friend and called him Yuki. He learned to make kissy noises and even to say his name! :)


Maybe birdie misses their other bird friends from the pet shop? This tea sounds delicious!


Yeah, he was pretty social when I was watching him yesterday. There was a yellow one he was good buddies with, but the last two times I’ve had two together, I never got to bond with any of them very well. When I was a kid I had one that bonded with me and I hope more for that…and maybe teaching him a few phrases!


I’ve always wanted a bird for a pet! They have such sweet little faces. Sebastian is an awesome name too—makes him sound fancy.

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drank Maple Sugar by Fava Tea Co.
1220 tasting notes

Ugh I am so torn. I went into the pet store tonight and this parakeet was so so so cute, when my boyfriend put his finger to the glass, he tried to pick at it instead of scurrying away. I have never felt so immediately attached to a bird. I want to go get him tomorrow but I’m just worried about my candle making stuff, apparently fragrance stuff like that is bad for birds? In all my years with pet parakeets, which includes two who reached double digit ages, I have never, ever had a problem. He’d live in my bedroom anyway so I could just close the door when I’m making stuff. HE IS JUST SO CUTE. http://instagr.am/p/R3idqDpa0p/ he is the white/blue one going in for the cuttlebone attack. It was impossible to get a picture of him because he scurries about everywhere.

I had to also take this picture because these two seemed intrigued by my phone’s case: http://instagr.am/p/R3imE-Ja0z/

So now onto the tea. Thank you, Azzrian!

I have to say I did not finish my cup of this. It really didn’t really taste like maple, and it was not sweet at all. The black tea is all I can taste and it’s not very good…so in goes milk and sugar.

That made it slightly better but I still did not like the way the black tea tasted. I figured less than boiling water and steeped it for four minutes.

Bahhh it might be good for the oatmeal making, but I’m not finding it too tasty to drink.

Whispering Pines Tea Company

Mmm when will others figure out the oatmeal secret of life? :)


He’s adorable, and look how high he can get his little leg on the cuttlebone, he’s like a tiny feathered Chuck Norris. Gotta love that :) Looks like he has a lot of personality. I had a little blue budgie when I was a kid, so I am somewhat familiar with birds as pets, but I never heard about the perfume thing~ huh… interesting. I learn something new everyday


If you want a really good maple tea I’d recommend Tea Guy’s blend. It’s like candy!


Aww, he’s adorable. Hee hee, Chuck Norris! I was totally thinking Jean-Claude Van Damme. =P

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drank Coco Truffle by Tea Forte
1220 tasting notes

Near the movie theatre is a “cupcake cafe” that has coffee and Tea Forte teas. While I’m really not a fan of Tea Forte, I figured I’d get something nonetheless to go with my cupcake. And my cupcake was terrible so I’ve got this tea to fall back on.

I ended up picking this because I thought it would be coconut and chocolate. Of course it isn’t, which is terrible because coco to me is coconut, cocoa would make a lot more sense.

So clearly I looked it up on the way home, while it was steeping. And I was a bit iffy on the spices but every other note seemed positive and I wasn’t too worried about the licorice root after that. Because it steeped so long and because it was still scorching hot to hold the cup and I wanted to drink it already, I added a little bit of milk just in case.

It amazingly tastes like hot chocolate. It even has the body of hot chocolate rather than tea. The spices give the chocolate a good, rounded flavor. They don’t really make it spicy and you definitely can’t tell what’s actually in there.

With this tea, who even needs a cupcake?


Me. I need a cupcake. Even if I had this tea, I’d want a cupcake. LOL


I was looking for something like that, warm, christmas-like tea.

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drank Raspberry Champagne by Octavia Tea
1220 tasting notes

Thanks for the sample, darby!

I started my day off with a lot of champagne things hahaha. I had this with breakfast and then a mimosa before Skyfall. That would have been a mimosa with Skyfall but those previews take forever. I love Cinebistro. I love James Bond.

I actually liked this a lot better cold. When it was hot I only tasted raspberry, but at least I could taste the hay-like notes of the white tea too, so it wasn’t too bad. And I do like raspberry, but it is raspberry champagne.

Cold, the champagne flavor comes out as well as the raspberry and also notes of honey. The raspberry tastes more tart and juicy, with a nice bubbly flavor to match.

The only thing I wish is I could find how exactly to steep it. I went with just 2 minutes because it’s not on their website at all. I guess they just assume everyone drinking their teas got it in original packaging and don’t swap for them. Then again from what I remember on the tin for French Breakfast, the instructions are very poor to begin with so in the end, it all worked out I guess.


It’s a white tea, so this is how I would steep it: use low temperature, 160F is what I’d go with, and steep it for 5 – 7 minutes.

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I have no standards so I drink everything I can :)



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