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Thanks for the sample cookies!

I drank this one iced with my lunch today. The blueberry flavor is nice and pretty natural, and the green tea is mild and a little vegetal. I think this would be better with a little tartness to offset the sweetness. Just my opinion though! Not bad, not spectacular either :)

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Thank you so much for the sample boychik!

This is really good shou! Creamy, a little sweet, rich and earthy in a cocoa way. Definitely my kind of thing! Another winner from Mandala :)


I should order some of this.


i have to revisit. have you seen 15% on everything? incl pots, etc


I blew my tea budget for the rest of the year basically, LOL…big Butiki order, then the Fauchon happened, and I ordered a little Lupicia yesterday…no Mandala for me for a while :/


i’ve yet to have anything bad from Mandala!

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Thank you for the sample boychik! :D

This is a bold and tasty blend! Extremely masculine tasting. Reminds me of leather and tobacco and woodsmoke. It isn’t really smokey or anything. Just brings campfire to mind somehow. I really like this kind of kick-in-the-pants bold breakfast black tea! Quite enjoyable :)


yay! i was afraid you might not like it.

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WOW this tea is really unique! Thanks for the sample Cameron B!

I’ve never tasted Cedar before. I guess that is what is giving the overall alcoholic feel to the tea. It does remind me of bourbon or scotch or something! There’s a sweetness to it, and a woodiness and creaminess. Very interesting. It is dark and somewhat rich. I like it but this would not be an everyday drinking tea for me!


It’s too expensive to drink every day.

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Thank you so much Cheri for sharing a couple of these minis with me!

Man, I love mini tuos. They are so adorable and convenient! This is a VERY tasty shou as well. Nice and clean with some creamy earthy cocoa notes. Quite satisfying. These are going on my Mandala shopping list for sure! YUMS!

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drank Thé de Noël by Nina's Paris
1113 tasting notes

Thanks for the sample Marzipan!

This is good…the cinnamon isn’t too overpowering and the apple is nice and natural. I don’t get much vanilla, but overall the package is quite nice, with the mild black base and all.

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Thank you for the sample cookies!

I always like a good Yunnan black. This one is no exception. Very satisfying. Not anything unique or spectacular compared to other Yunnans I’ve tried, but definitely a tasty solid tea choice.

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drank Autumn Song by Mandala Tea
1113 tasting notes

This was the last untasted sample from my Mandala Sheng sampler!

Unfortunately I did not take good notes as I drank it all day at work, but I did enjoy this one. Definitely some sweetness here, not too much bitterness, some light floral/fruit notes. Not as bold and brassy as some young sheng can be.

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Thank you for the sample cookies!! :)

This is sooooo delicious and malty! It’s got that smooth sweet potato Fujian thing going on. VERY nice black tea.

It is pairing very nicely with my apple butter, yogurt and pecan granola parfait for breakfast :)

Terri HarpLady

mmmm, breakfast parfait….


That sounds like a YUMMY parfait.

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Mmm good shou! I’ve been so lucky to get to try so many great puerh samples lately.

This one has lots of earthy flavors and no funk. I don’t know how to describe it other than this is what shou is supposed to taste like. Kind of basic but super clean and enjoyable!

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Graphic artist, printmaker, lover of tea.

I love pretty much every type of tea camellia sinensis can produce. I like herbal teas sometimes but I can’t stand rooibos. I’m recently becoming a puerh addict.


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