1113 Tasting Notes


Green tea day continues! This one is roasty toasty yet light and has that awesome matcha kick which I need for a Monday afternoon pick-me-up :D

Cameron B.

Hooray for genmaicha! :D


Such a good genmaicha. Yummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

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Sample sipdown! This was from inranger

So so soooo good. Also, I think I’m going to make myself drink all green teas today for a change of pace :) It might be fun to pick a different type of tea for each day this week actually!

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Ohhhhh, that explains it. I finally tried this one over the weekend. I didn’t know what it was but that something in the blend didn’t agree with me. It is icky icky rooibos! My archnemesis!!! Sorry Marzipan and thanks for the sample. I’ve got a couple of cups left, if anyone would like them.


This is one I’d like to try, if you want to share. Let me know if I have anything in my cupboard that interests you. (I do think that Brenden has eliminated rooibos from this blend now, but originally it was there.)

Cameron B.

I have the “new” version which is sans rooibos, if either of you want to try that. :)


I’ll totally send it to you, Cheri! Let me know if anything else in my cupboard appeals to you. I’ve got a couple of things on your wish list I could send along, too. PM me! :)




No wonder I wasn’t a fan! I hate that both of those that I bought not so long ago already have new and improved versions. I mean it’s good that they do, but …you know.


Yeah, darned rooibos! Bleh.


Rooibos haters of the world, unite!

Whispering Pines Tea Company

Improvements are a non-stop thing! I’ve given up entirely on the concept of “finishing” a blend. ;-)


Well, SOME people actually do like rooibos, from what I understand, heh.


Poo – bios


(I kinda like it. Shh. Don’t tell.)


I don’t mind it. I guess I can take it or leave it

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I had a lovely gongfu session with this tea this afternoon. I did not take detailed notes but man this one is great! So apricotty and tangy and delicious. Shengadelic!


Yes it’s a good one!

Butiki Teas

I definitely need to incorporate ‘shengadelic’ into my vocab. :D


Sounds great. I am looking forward to the notes.

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drank Caramel by TeaGschwendner
1113 tasting notes

Thanks for the sample Marzipan!

This is a very true to caramel favor. It is very good! I think it would be my fave caramel black tea if not for Butiki’s caramel vanilla Assam being superior.

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I ordered this as a free sample with my last TeaVivre order. It is very good stuff :)

Glad to have more of it!


Stephanie, Agreed! My 2013 sample was excellent! – http://steepster.com/looseTman/posts/23388. Was your sample from 2013 or 2014?


I will check at home and let you know. I packed it in a bag and brought it with me to work without the packaging :)


Thanks, that’s very kind of you!

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Another insanely good TeaUrchin sheng! Woo!

This is the last un-tasted TeaUrchin sample from my birthday gift from my husband. This is definitely not one I would have picked out for myself just for the cost alone. (30g for $17.50)

But yes, it is indeed something special. Delicious floral sweetness, nice balance with the tangy “bitter” spice notes, and amazing cha qi. I am tea drunk at work :) “One Thousand Butterflies” FTW

I’m super impressed with TeaUrchin in general and would recommend them to all fans of raw puerh!


Glad you are having a good time with this sheng! Tea drunk hehe


Sheng does almost give me a “buzz” sometimes. Maybe the Theanine? I dunno. Good stuff though!!!


Your husband must be pretty awesome!


Indeed he is, Sars! :)

Charles Thomas Draper

I agree about Tea Urchin. And this is an incredible GFZ

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Brewed this up yesterday extra strong, added sugar and poured over ice. Very delicious iced tea. Strong rich assam base and nice passion fruit flavor! My favorite is still Teajo’s tropical mango for fruity iced tea, though :)

Thanks for the sample Piccolo!


Glad to hear you enjoyed it…and yes, Tropical Mango is our most popular flavor down here!

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I almost forgot I still have a little of this left. I made an awesome smoothie this morning with a frozen banana, milk, peanut butter and half a scoop of this! NOM!



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Graphic artist, printmaker, lover of tea.

I love pretty much every type of tea camellia sinensis can produce. I like herbal teas sometimes but I can’t stand rooibos. I’m recently becoming a puerh addict.


Southern Indiana



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