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Today I am trying an organic black tea my friend gave me that HER friend brought her back from Nepal. I think it is technically a little old and stale, but it has a bold, pleasantly astringent breakfast tea type flavor. I won’t have any trouble finishing the sample she gave me :)

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drank Special Dark by Mandala Tea
1113 tasting notes

I’m in a puerh mood today. Also I’m running low on this one pout

Definitely will be re-stocking this when I run out! SO GOOD!


Good stuff!

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Another DELICIOUS bottled green tea I bought at Fresh Market! This one is not as crazy strong as the Sencha Shot but has the same bright green yet sweet and nutty sencha flavor. Totally great! I will buy it again, I’m sure, for convenience reasons, though I try to avoid bottled beverages when possible.

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drank Green Lime by Island Rose
1113 tasting notes

Swap Sample!

When the packet said “Green Lime” I assumed green tea with lime…but no. My tastebuds say, “WTF IS this crap?” Apparently it is Lapacho. I googled Lapacho…and to be honest it sounds dangerous! “The active ingredients such as lapachol have been found to possess significant abortifacient and reproductive toxicity effects for rats.234” HOLY CRAP! How can they sell this as tea then? Good thing it tasted terrible and I dumped it out…bleh!


Good catch!


that sounds terrible – good you dumped it out!


Huh?! Major WTF. shudders


Ouch! I have some lapacho coming my way from another company. Never thought to read too much into it.


Yea… Which is sad because all of their other teas are so good.I was the same way. Dumped my cup out.

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Another neglected favorite of mine. These flavors were meant to be together! :)


I have never tasted a coconut tea I thought even came close to this one.

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In honor of my Steepsterversary I decided to open my last sample pouch of the only tea I’ve ever given a 100 rating to (I have several I’ve given 99s, but this was my only 100)

This is still VERY delicious! So creamy and buttery and GREEN! Still one of my top faves of all time :)

Terri HarpLady

Happy Steepsterversary!!

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GUESS WHAT YOU GUYS! Today is my one year Steepsterversary!!! During my first year I wrote 537 tasting notes, got 115 followers, and currently have 58 teas in my online cupboard. I probably have closer to 100 in my real life cupboard, because I never add small samples or small swaps to my online cupboard. I’ve had so much fun and met so many nice fellow tea lovers this past year! It is great to be here! :D

Anyway, I started my day today with an avocado/white matcha shake. One of my faves! I will bust out some other old favorites to celebrate throughout the day, hehe :)


Happy anniversary!


Correction! Steepsterversary. :P


Happy steepster anniversary!! :-)


Wow! Happy Steepster Anniversary!


Happy steepster birthday! woohoo!!


Woohoo! Grats!


Thanks guys!


Happy Steepaversery!




Whoa! I have been here three months longer than you and only have 167 notes. I’m slacking!
Happy anni! :)

Roswell Strange

Happy Anniversary!


Yayy!! Congrats!


Happy anniversary!

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drank Rum Raisin by Lupicia
1113 tasting notes

Thank you Dexter3657 for the sample!

This is a decent tea, but I think it would be more enjoyable with milk and sugar (neither of which I have at work anymore) So I will save the rest of my sample to try another day when I am at home and can sweeten and whatnot. The black base is pretty bold, and there is a little (but not much) rum and pruney plummy flavor from the raisins…

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This is a pretty nice oolong! Very creamy and green. I’m only on steep #1 so I’m not sure if the lilac flavors are going to show up or not, but overall I’m quite happy with this offering from Steepster Select! I brewed this packet western style but perhaps I’ll save the other one for a time I can do it gongfu.

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I suspect that this is a very fine tea, just not a type I am particularly fond of. It is roasty and very sweet, but kind of weak, in a way. I think I would appreciate it more if it was a bit more bold. Again, very appreciative I got to try it though! :)

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Graphic artist, printmaker, lover of tea.

I love pretty much every type of tea camellia sinensis can produce. I like herbal teas sometimes but I can’t stand rooibos. I’m recently becoming a puerh addict.


Southern Indiana



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