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I should have ordered way more of this wonderful tisane. I’m going through my pouch alarmingly fast, and it isn’t even cold outside yet! Next time I place a verdant order I should order like 4 oz or something, lol :)

This brew has been very good to me since I’ve been sick. I’ve been stirring a honey/turmeric paste in with this in the evenings and I think it has really helped. I feel almost better already!

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drank mystery puerh by Unknown
1113 tasting notes

I’m drinking on my mystery cake today. It is mediocre puerh I’m sure but I can’t taste anything anyway. I’ve got a cold and I’m taking those nasty nasty zinc lozenges that make everything taste awful! Blah. Back to tasting swap samples soon I hope! :)


oh dear, happy fall. feel better?


Heh, thanks :)


Oh no! That’s no fun. Feel better soon!

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drank Thurbo Darjeeling by Butiki Teas
1113 tasting notes

I REALLY enjoyed this today. I savored 2 steeps, one before and one after lunch. I could see myself getting into darjeelings! Despite my head cold I got lots of sweet grassy, flowery, hay like flavor from both steeps. Somehow it tasted like a sunny autumn meadow in a cup!

Thanks very much teamore for including this bonus sample in our swap :D

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Very tasty white tea with rose! I can’t believe I still have a cold. Anyway so I’m not going to rate this one yet…


Oh and thanks BrewTEAlly Sweet :)


Aw, feel better!

BrewTEAlly Sweet

Feel better. You get sick way too often. I’m glad ur still finding joy in my package:)


It is unusual for me how often I’ve been sick lately! :/

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drank Mom's Apple Pie by DAVIDsTEA
1113 tasting notes

Hmm, this is interesting. I’m not ready to rate it yet, but my review is mostly positive!

First of all, this tea smells GREAT! The flavor is like if you mixed spiced apple cider half and half with some weak green tea. I feel like this is probably a Dragonwell type base, which is not my favorite type of green tea, and I think whatever it is could stand to be a little more assertive. I think if I steeped this a little stronger next time I will like it even more! Also I bet it’d be super good sweetened with brown sugar or maybe buckwheat honey!

Thanks teamore for this swap sample! I was really glad to try this one :)

Lariel of Lórien

I am now the proud owner of this tea, as it does smell amazing.

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drank Milk Oolong by thepuriTea
1113 tasting notes

Holy cow, this is unflavored? Even with my cold I am still getting SO MUCH caramelly goodness from this tea! Could it be that I’ve never had a milk oolong before? How did that happen???

Thank you so much BrewTEAlly Sweet for this sample! This is definitely something I want to explore in more detail!

BrewTEAlly Sweet

Wish I had more to give but that was the last of it. I liked it so much I thought that you might enjoy it as well! :D


Aww, thanks for letting me try it


try the one from mandala too if you ever place an order with garret…


Thanks for the tip, Sil! I’ve got a couple of Mandala samples coming in a swap, and then I’m going to decide what to order from them :D WOOT

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drank Gingerbread Smoke by 52teas
1113 tasting notes

Ehhhhh. This one is really not doing it for me. It really isn’t even that smokey for a Lapsang base, and the ginger is somewhat artificial tasting. Glad I got it in a swap and didn’t purchase a 2oz package!

Thanks for giving me the opportunity to try this one BrewTEAlly Sweet!

BrewTEAlly Sweet

I know I wish I could have sampled it before I bought it :/

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I’ve been drinking SO much tea today because I woke up with a sore throat. I had a cup of this, several cups of my “wellness blend” from a local shop with echinacea, licorice root, chamomile and mint, and a cup of banana dream pie. Not going to review anything till my palette is accurate again. Meh. What a waste of a gorgeous day outside AND a day off work feeling crummy :/

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MMmm, this is a nice comforting cup on a rainy afternoon. Mild black tea with berry and vanilla flavoring. I’m drinking it sweetened, and am getting just a tiny bit of pleasant tartness from the raspberry. Very tasty, but I’m not getting any “cake” flavor from it. Smells WONDERFUL.

Thanks BrewTEAlly Sweet!

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This alright, but dark oolongs are still not my favorite. My favorite dark oolong is that Royal Phoenix Dancong! Trying different things to coax more flavor out of it. Maybe I’m just doing it wrong!

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I love pretty much every type of tea camellia sinensis can produce. I like herbal teas sometimes but I can’t stand rooibos. I’m recently becoming a puerh addict.


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