Well first off, I grew up basically thinking that flavored teas were ‘wrong’ and the only way to enjoy tea is with a nice, black, bitter cup. So, I brewed this up expecting to hate it.

This is a VERY fragrant tea. My mom (the black tea lover) was horrified at the scent and at the very notion that this could be considered a tea. Fortunately, it smells beautiful. Nice and tropical with mostly the mango coming through.

Since the scent is so strong, the tea tastes much stronger than when it cools. Over time it is actually fairly weak, but when the olfactory senses come in contact with that warm brew it just makes the taste so much stronger. Overall, I found it to be a pleasant cup…simple described as fruity with the mango AND peach definitely shining through. It also reseeps nice, which is a big plus for me! Unfortunately, this tea does leave a bit of an aftertaste in the back of your throat.

One problem I have with this is the element of ‘tea.’ First off, this is actually a white/green/herbal blend, not white which is what the box claims. On that same note, I found it to be fairly pointless to include white and green tea, because the peach and mango overpowered it tremendously. I feel like this would have worked just as well if they nixed the tea ingredients, thus ridding it of caffeine, and just made it an herbal infusion.

Overall, I was surprised how much I enjoyed this, although I definitely preferred when it was iced and the flavored were more muted. Yes, people always get all ‘well…it’s a bagged tea so it’s lower quality blah blah blah’ but I’m judging by TASTE. Overall loose leaf is higher quality but sometimes a loose leaf tastes yuck while a bagged tastes great. I think this is a good relaxing, convenient choice and although I may not love enough to purchase again, I don’t mind finishing up the rest of the box :)

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