15 Tasting Notes

drank Woman's Moon Cycle by Yogi Tea
15 tasting notes

there’s really two ways to rate this tea:

1. how it tastes.
2. how it works.

personally, i think this tea should be rated for how it works. it’s not a tea you buy for the taste, it’s a tea you get to help with cramps and other lady problems when you’re on your period. and if i’m to rate on its medicinal value, i rate this tea really high! it’s fast acting, effective, and good at getting rid of and keeping rid of cramps. it doesn’t even need to be that strong. really, what else could you ask for??

well, i guess we could ask for it to be a little bit better tasting, but i’m not complaining! the taste isn’t really bad, it’s almost like a soup broth with a celery taste. but definitely worth swallowing considering the benefits that come with it.

i’ll probably be buying this on the regular from now on. i like the idea of not having to take painkillers for my more mild cramps with this around! definitely worth a try!

4 min, 30 sec

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this tea was womp-womp :(

i’d been eyeing the ginger peach for some time. i’m a big fan of peach tea and really like the taste of ginger. i prefer a spicier tea, so i thought this’d be a good match. to be honest, it was actually kind of nasty. i probably steeped it a little too long, but i’m not sure it would have been much better with less time. the ginger was too strong and the peach almost nonexistent. it was almost undrinkable. it became tolerable after i added a ridiculous amount of sugar.

overall, i was really disappointed with this tea. i plan on giving it another try with less steep time. i’m thinking the white version might be a better blend than the black.

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this tea has now become a must in my house.
and i’ve just run out cause i kept giving it out! and now whole foods stopped carrying it!! AHHHHHHHH!!

it’s a nightly ritual – 2 bags in a tumbler for about 6-7 minutes and i’m in heaven.

it’s definitely got a rose taste, stronger than some of the other rose teas i’ve tried in the past, but i believe the tulsi is the main flavor. expect a very earthy, herbal taste. while not particularly sweet, it is very well balanced and has a lovely taste. i usually mix something sweet in my tea, but didn’t need to with this one.

the reason i love this tea is the sedating effect it has. one of the main reasons i got into tea was to find a more holistic approach to deal with stress, anxiety, and insomnia. i’ve tried many teas in hope of getting some kind of relief, without any luck. this tea puts me completely at ease, with almost an euphoric feeling. i recommend it to everybody, but especially to someone who looking for something to help them relax. i finally feel like i’ve found the tea i’ve been searching for.

something to keep in mind, i usually make my tea fairly strong with two teabags, so i imagine that helps with the potency.

6 min, 30 sec

I just found it at Whole foods! weird.

pink smog

jealous! it took some looking but i found some at the vitamin shop on sale! win!

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i was really intrigued by tazo rest, as it combines rose, one of my favs, and valerian, a sleep aid. i’m always on the look out for something to help me unwind.

this tisane fell a little short. i think the smell is its biggest asset, which was a lovely, clean rose aroma. the taste left something to be desired, however. i prefer a thicker, full-bodied taste, and this was very bland, no matter how long i steeped it. i felt like i was drinking floral water. it’s not bad, but definitely not something i’d reach for if something else was available.

as far as it’s calming effects, eh, not really. the smell does make you feel a little more comfy, but nothing a good chamomile can’t provide.

this being said, i believe the main calming component is the valerian, which has never worked very well for me. from reading other reviews valerian seems to work like a dream for some people, so if you have no experience with it, you might want to give it a try (although, if you’re looking for something with valerian, i’d probably try something like sleepytime extra first). but if you’re like me and valerian and chamomile don’t seem to cut it, try something with kava or tulsi in it.

4 min, 0 sec

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