Just a great tea. The Spring was well reviewed and this is no different. Even the 5 sec rinse I drank had excellent mouth throat feel with some cooling. I’ve been doing like mr mopar and resting 10 minutes after the rinse…liking it, seems like the tea wakes up.

Flavor: Wow, fruity ! Apricot and raisins. Perfect hints of astringency and bitterness. It did get a bit too bitter when I pushed to 60 sec steep too early (4-5 steep). Good cooling and throat feel.

Qi: Relaxing and slightly energizing. Conscious of breathing.

A good cheap example of a slightly aged sheng. Reminded me quite a bit of W2T’s 2009 Yiwu.

Flavors: Apricot, Raisins

Boiling 0 min, 15 sec 2 g 2 OZ / 59 ML

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