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Sally Lunn's in Chester, New Jersey
Jeremy rated this place
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This place is very cute and traditional, almost to an absurd degree. No piece of china in the place matches another, and the walls and shelves are littered with hand painted sets and individual pieces alike. They have a small store inside that has the basic UK fair of goods, but what truly sets them apart is their food. Their menu rotates among a selection of favorite dishes (Tiddy oggy, quiche, curry chicken salad, shepherd’s pie, etc) and some lovely scones (always a selection of flavors). Their tea is quite nice, with a terrific selection of flavored blacks and greens, and numerous styles of legacy teas (also with varying qualities). Their staff is a touch ignorant as to the teas and their characters, but are more than willing to send over someone who is more aware. I highly recommend this place to anyone in the area! I wish I still lived nearby; would be a terrific lunch spot for guests and when I feel a bit nostalgic.