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Arogya Tea in Westport, Connecticut
JonathanBoyce rated this place
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My experience with this store has been problematic. Twice I’ve bought "organic matcha’ that was fifty percent table sugar. This first instance occurred in early September 2011. I complained in writing to the owner, and here is her response (verbatim):

“I apologize for the matcha your bought with sugar. We have 3 kinds of matcha, and my assistant does not know the difference. The one with sugar is for the cafe who use it for smoothies (we don’t retail that at the store). Please bring them back, and I am happy to refund you. I really appreciate your feedback, and I need to be more vigilant.

Thanks so much.


In early November of 2011, the same problem occurred. Matcha labled as pure organic tea, was 50% sugar. A written complaint to the owner resulted in this response:

“Thanks so much for your email regarding the matcha. Actually due to what is happening in Japan, we made a decision not to buy new Matcha from Japan, so it will be difficult to get clean Matcha from now on.”

Draw your own conclusions and, in regards to this store, caveat emptor.