Bungalow Coffee and Tea Edit

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Type Cafe
Style Modern
Serves Chai, Loose-leaf
Food Pastries

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Photo submitted by Thomas Smith

1 Review

Bungalow Coffee and Tea in Santa Rosa, California
Thomas Smith rated this place
and said Edit

Tiny little place for decent coffee or tea in the North Santa Rosa – South Windsor area. These guys have had some serious ups and downs with quality lately, but I hear they are on a big up swing as of 2009 since the new owners moved in.

Not the best tea, but it’s better than decent and they are the offerings I would want to see in a shop of this type. Service is of the cafe variety – make up your mind before hopping in line. Most of the customers are regulars who know what they want so a line really can envelop the whole shop at peak times but it moves quickly. They have the best Chai Latte of any non-Indian establishment in the North Bay.
I feel like the quality of the tea they sell must be higher than the level it is presented at in packaging… The chief detriment is this sort of “off” aroma that pervades each tea, as though there is some aromatic taint or staling effect going on in repackaging. More of an issue in lighter teas and some people really love this aroma that infiltrates each offering.

As a coffee shop, you can’t expect to ask to see and smell everything you’re interested in, but what is offered is definitely above average for the sort of venue usually dedicated to coffee. They serve in tea presses that serve a couple cups at a time with a little less leaf material than I would prefer, but it looks classy – the bigger issue is it can be odd re-infusing in a tea press.

The second flush Darjeeling and Keemun they select are reason enough for an extra half-star, and I’m not a big drinker of these teas.