Murchie's Tea and Coffee - West Pender *MOVED* Edit

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Type Tea Shop
Style British
Serves Loose-leaf, Bagged, Chai, Iced
Food Snacks, Sandwiches, Pastries
Good For Dates, Groups, Meetings

This place has closed :(

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Photo submitted by AJ
Photo submitted by AJ
Photo submitted by AJ

5 Reviews

monnibo rated this place
and said Edit

Huge store, lots of selection. Sometimes the coffee smell from the cafe portion of the shop is a little overpowering, but the accessories selection is incredible. Helpful, friendly staff as always.

TeaPixie rated this place
and said Edit

I love this space. Great for meeting up with girlfriends. The tea is not remarkable, unfortunately. The marketing of this brand is non-existent, though. In the tea-drinking “world” of Vancouver Murchies has a recognizable name to anyone over 40, but under 40, they’ve never heard of it. What happened to the business? It’s too bad, they could really go the route of creating a Canadian version of the tea drinking establishements of England.

LauraLovesTea rated this place
and said Edit

Wonderful, warm and inviting.
Terrific, knowledgable staff, willing to go the extra mile for any customer.
Visit them instore (5 locations in BC) or online at

Daniel McCash rated this place
and said Edit

the location felt perfect for the heart of downtown office workers. Its somewhere they can actually spend social mornings in that is NOT actually a starbucks! That ALWAYS gets a “win” from me.

The staff (I talked to Michelle) was really helpful and really knew a thing-or-two about a thing or two with tea. I hit two major deal-breakers while I was there, however:

1. I was sold a new an well-spoken of tea from Murchie’s that was a flavor blend of black tea, orange, and coffee beans. Original, I thought. The leaves smelled appealing, too!……….. that tea bag fully steeped after 30 seconds and turned PITCH BLACK and tasted like charcoal coffee! Or like the ash within an urn. Gawd! But whatever, I bought it so I lived with it.

2. That tea steeped in seconds and I didn’t have a saucer to pull my teabag out and hold aside. I had to go to the coffee bar and beg for a saucer and they lent me an espresso cup. W.T.F.

The store is an attractive setting and excellently located…. that’s it.

AJ rated this place
and said Edit

I haven’t been to many tea shops (as I’ve said, I’m incredibly shy, and thus entering places like this on my own is a nerve-racking experience, to say the least), but I love this one. It’s large enough to seem… industrialized, I suppose, and less personal, which is enough to make it easier for shy folk like me to enter, but once inside it’s quite obvious that it’s a very friendly, personal environment, to the point that the employees are definitely on first-name terms with a few regulars.

It’s a twoonie a pot, and a little extra for whatever pastries you want on top of that (I believe they had a few sandwiches too), so it’s not a very huge High Tea/Afternoon Tea experience, where you pay twenty-something for the whole experience (which I am sure is very nice, but tea shops like that also scare me).

They set out a silver platter, and you get a teacup and saucer, teapot, silver spoon, and a little holder for your used tea bags. Yes, sadly, it’s teabags (I’m not sure if it’s all teabags, though, just their earl grey, apparently). Also, you get refills of hot water for additional steeps at no extra charge.

The tea additives are on a little table to one side, which I’ve read complaints about on other sites detailing Murchie experiences, but I thought it was fine. They offer milk—and cream for those who use it, but no one did when I was there—and also a wide variety of sweeteners, including honey (in little packages—you know, like the ones you get at McDonald’s for your chicken nuggets), which made me happy.

They’ve got a Big Drawer Of Samples to one side, where you can buy little tied bags of different types of loose leafs. Other than that, it seems that all their loose leaf is sold over the counter, and they only stock the bagged stuff on the shelves (too bad for me, because I couldn’t work up the courage to ask the lady about buying anything—that would involve talking, you see). I went home with a tin of bagged Uva Ceylon, that day; tnd the tin could definitely be reused for loose leaf (it had a second, tighter lid on the inside for extra freshness).

They also offer Tea On The Go, the usual stuff in a paper cup. If it wasn’t sort of out of the way from my daily commute, I would probably stop off there for tea on my way to class. I suppose if I got up early enough in the morning…