Red Star Cafe Edit

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Type Cafe
Style Other
Serves Loose-leaf
Food Pastries, Sandwiches, Snacks
Good For Groups, Dates, Meetings

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  • Gilbert Place
  • Adelaide, SA

1 Review

Red Star Cafe in Adelaide, SA
Robert Godden rated this place
and said Edit

The newly re-opened Red Star proactively encouraged me to come and try their tea, so I did.
Now, if I was reviewing their food, their service, their staff, their friendliness, they’d get a very high score.
But I review tea. There tea comes highly rated – by it’s supplier. The truth is, I got a cup of pretty mediocre tea, with a jug of unasked-for and unwanted milk. The infuser took up a heap of tea space, yet the mug was not filled anywhere near well enough, would have been only half full once I’d removed the infuser if I hadn’t asked for more.
I’m going to give them another chance, as the wrap was gloriously fresh and tasty and every other factor was excellent – but I hope for a big improvement in the tea.