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Type Tea Room
Style British
Serves Loose-leaf
Food Pastries, Sandwiches, Snacks
Features Afternoon tea

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teapod in London, Greater London
Dinosara rated this place
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This tea room opened in the same storefront that was previously occupied by BouTea. It is primarily a nice cafe where you can enjoy lunch or afternoon tea, but they also sell pre-packaged bags of their loose-leaf tea blends. They don’t have a ton of blends, but a few nice representatives from across the spectrum of teas. I wasn’t there for afternoon tea but only had a pot of tea and a cookie myself. The tea came out with a small instruction card giving you some background on your tea and telling you how long to steep it for, but no timer. A pot of tea was enough for twoish cups, and the tea pots were equipt with steeping baskets to prevent oversteeping.

It was a nice, cosy little cafe, and I ended up buying a package of the tea to take home with me. Their prices seemed reasonable, and I would recommend it as a respite from running around Covent Garden.