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Tweed & Hickory - online in Timmins, ON
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So far I’ve only ordered online from them once but it was a positive experience. One of the teas I ordered was out of stock but they held my entire order so that all 4 teas would be mailed at the same time. They even phoned and left me a voice mail stating this. :)

The tea containers themselves are brown bags lined with a waxy or some similar material inside to keep odors in the bag and not out. It’s not fancy but the design makes it easy to scoop out tea.

They’re a terrific supplier of Metropolitan Tea Company teas. Which can be a bit rare to find online because most of these teas are sold to tea rooms or re-branded to other tea companies. The prices range from standard to excellent, with some of their rare teas having insane prices. The only downside to T&H is that you must buy either 100g or 500g, so make sure you’re willing to buy that much tea.