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BourgeaTEA Edit

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Serves Loose-leaf

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BourgeaTEA in Anderson, Indiana
LiberTEAS rated this place
and said Edit

Overall, I would describe my experience shopping with BourgeaTEA as positive but I was a little dismayed by a few things, and I’ll go into more detail of these things in a moment. They are relatively unimportant in the “big picture” and didn’t really affect the quality of the tea – which is of primary importance – but they did affect my overall impression of the company and these relatively unimportant issues are the reason for my average rating for this company.

First of all, I appreciate it when I receive some sort of indication that my order has been received and is being processed. My preference is a quick, personal email to make me feel more like I’m dealing with a person rather than a robot, but, even the automated “order confirmation” is preferable to nothing. I received no emailed order confirmation of any kind, nor any kind of email when the order was shipped.

I placed an order for five or six samples (and I am pleased that I can order samples from this company), and this order arrived in a HUGE 9×9×9 box! This is not really a BIG deal or anything, but I do find it to be a little wasteful. The samples were packaged in zipper pouches (I did appreciate the resealable sample) and the tiny label was handwritten and it wasn’t easy to decipher the scrawling on the little, itty bitty label and I found this to be somewhat discerning… again, not a big deal, but, it just seemed a bit more like I was receiving a swap sample than a sample from a company.

The box contained only the samples I ordered, no free sample, no note of thanks, no packing slip or invoice. Just a bunch of kraft paper to cushion the empty space of the box, and my ordered samples. This was probably the most disappointing thing of all. I think that a little note of thanks, even if it’s written on the packing slip or invoice, is a very nice touch and it’s personally something that I appreciate.

As I said, overall, it was a positive experience, and the tea that I tried thus far was quite delicious. But, just a few little things would have made this a happier experience for me, and would have had me recommending them. As it is, I’m a little ambivalent, and I probably won’t order from them again because there are other companies out there that treat me better. With BourgeaTEA, I certainly got what I paid for, but, I didn’t get anything that made me want to shop again, whereas with other companies, it’s those little touches that keep me coming back for more.