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Still Water Tea - Online in Victoria, BC
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OK… here I go again. Somehow my review was lost, so I will rewrite it. I want to disclose that I have not yet tried the tea that I received from Still Water, so this review is based only on my transaction experience.

I had placed an order with Still Water Tea because I had purchased the ethical deal offer for them. The website is easy to navigate, and it has big photos of the teas so you get a good idea of what your getting. The prices are reasonable, and the entire ordering process was simple from start to finish. I received my order in a timely fashion considering it was an international order: I placed the order on March 14, and received the package today, March 30. Not bad when you consider processing time and such.

But I did find it a little disconcerting that I received no contact from Still Water, with the exception of the order confirmation. No personal note of thanks and no shipping confirmation.

The tea is packaged in resealable pouches, and it was shipped in a padded envelope. Not the most ideal packaging when it comes to tea, but at least it was not an excessive use of packaging. Inside the package was also my invoice/packing slip but no note of thanks (unless you consider the printed message on the invoice). It would have taken only a few moments to write a quick “thank you and enjoy” on the invoice, and that would have felt a little more personal than the printed message.

Also, no free sample, or little “freebie” enclosure of any type. These are things that are not necessary or required, of course, but, they are little things that make the customer feel special, and make them want to shop with a company again.

So again, it feels as though I may be nit-picking on things, but, really, its these little things that make the difference between an exceptional experience with a company and a company when you feel like just another number. I shop not only in my quest to find high quality teas but also to find excellent customer service and I don’t feel like I found it here.

So, as I have not yet tried the teas, I have nothing BAD to say about Still Water Tea, but I don’t have anything GOOD to say either. I am ambivalent, as that is how I feel I was treated.