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Serves Loose-leaf

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Caraway Tea (online) in Marlboro, NY
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Sorry, wasn’t sure about the address because I reused the box already, so if someone has it still, add away.

I probably didn’t get a fair look at this company given I ordered when there was a big sale, but it still could have been handled better. Letting people know they were swamped with orders would have been nice, as it took a week to receive shipping confirmation (though that included a weekend and a holiday, so technically 5 business days).

My order had a completely different teapot than what I ordered. It still fit the description of “bamboo” but I ordered based on the picture. Luckily, I like it a lot better than the one in the picture, but it would have been nice to know that this was what I was getting instead in the first place. Or, sorry we were out of stock on this one, does this work instead? Just anything like that would have been great. The lack of communication was just awkward.

So far the teas are not entirely impressive and they took some of them off the site, I guess because they were sold out in the sale, which makes it rather hard to double check everything.

Overall I don’t think I see myself ordering again.