Come Buy Edit

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Type Cafe
Style Asian
Serves Bubble, Iced
Food Pastries
Features Free wi-fi

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Come Buy in New York, NY
T. Biskitt rated this place
and said Edit

Come Buy is a chain from Taiwan, with several branches around the world, mostly in Asia. I never heard of it until they opened one right by where I work. It has a clean, modern, mostly white and red decor. I was so pleased to see that they have a wide range of beverages, including straight tea, milk tea, chocolate drinks, yogurt drinks, smoothies (which are more like slushies), and juices. I’ve been going here almost every day so I can try everything (except the coffee!). You can order most drinks hot or cold, and you can also choose the ice and sugar levels. Apparently, their biggest seller is “QQ milk tea”, which comes with tapioca pearls and clear worm-shaped jellies they call vermicelli. The “serious” teas range from a green tea, which I believe is scented with jasmine, to Taiwanese pouchong and oolong, to black teas like Keemun, Ceylon, and Darjeeling. There’s even rose Pu-erh! These are high-quality teas. I haven’t had a bad one. The milk tea is also very good, and I particularly like mine with coconut jellies or pudding. They also sell very tasty donuts from a shop in Brooklyn called Dough, with interesting frosting flavors such as blood orange. The service is friendly, and there is limited seating. Most drinks range from $2.75 to $4.75. Once you buy 10 drinks, the 11th one is free.