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The English Teacup in Aurora, Colorado
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The hubby and I had been hunting for places to go eat on our anniversary for a few days before I remembered we’d been wanting to try this place. It ended up being lunch. We called and made a reservation with no trouble. Their menu, while quite short, looked promising, and their price for high tea was VERY reasonable.

We were the only ones there when we arrived for our reservation, which wasn’t too alarming, since they’d only just started their food service 30 minutes before, and it was still a bit early in the day for any sort of lunch rush. The place is a retail location in a strip mall, but they’ve divided it, sort of, into shop area and dining area. The decor was quaint and familiar, lots of china and English things everywhere. Their tea wall is easily accessible for browsing and sniffing, which we appreciated, but they didn’t have a list of what teas they carry to refer back to, which was a bit disappointing. Our high tea was quite enjoyable, with soup and sandwiches and petit fours, and of course, tea and scones. The sandwiches were just delicious. We found out later that the soups came from a mix, which made me a little sad, but they tasted all right. They carry teas from The Metropolitan Tea Company, which made us very happy because now we have a place we can go to get those teas without paying shipping!