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Type Tea Room
Style British

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My mom and I have long been planning a trip to this tea room on our recent trip to the beach. There were a couple of tea rooms in a reasonable distance of our hotel, but we chose this one based on the British theme. It was somewhat of a drive from our hotel, and we planned accordingly to make sure we had time to fit it into our trip. I even checked the website the night before we had planned to go to check the time that they opened. We were so sad when we arrived at the tea room fully aniticipating having a cup of tea and a scone to see that it was closed. There was a small sign hanging on the door saying that they were closed until August 26th. I understand that companies close for a break or can change their hours, but I would expect that to be listed on the website, since so many people use that information to plan ahead for their visits. In this day and age of online technology information on websites really needs to be kept current. I was really dissappointed, and it was a little inconvenient for my mom and I since we had spent some of our vacation time driving to a place that was closed. In hindsight, I should have probably called ahead, but as the website said that we didn’t need reservations for just tea and scones, I assumed their information was up to date. I am going back to Southport in September for a wedding, but will be a little hesitant to plan another visit to this tea room.