Red Robe Tea House & Cafe Edit

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Type Cafe
Style Asian
Serves Loose-leaf
Food Full menu
Features Tastings, Tea ceremony
Good For Dates, Groups
Mon Fri 11:00 AM 8:00 PM
Saturday 12:00 PM 8:00 PM
Sunday Closed

1 Review

Red Robe Tea House & Cafe in Portland, OR
grabowst rated this place
and said Edit

As a devoted tea fan, I like to keep up with new tea places- although this place has been around since 2011- it is great! I would highly recommend that you visit this tea house. Their namesake tea Red Robe Tea ( a Gold Award Da Hong Pao) is superb and really very flavorful. Additionally they have some wonderful puerh teas as well as herbal teas. My favorite herbal is Osmanthus- a sweet, yellow liquor tisane. Their menu is also infused with many different teas- Dragonwell Prawns, Red Robe Tea Spareribs. Even their marinated hard-boiled eggs are great. Not only are their teas and their food spectacular- the service is excellent. Every time I have gone there, I have also had the best service. I usually do a Gong-Fu service and I enjoy taking the time- they always serve almond cookies with each tea. Check this place out!