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Cano's Collection and Welsh Dragon Tea Shoppe Edit

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Style British

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  • 235 Fillmore Street
  • Denver, Colorado
  • (303) 322-0654

1 Review

Roofshadow rated this place
and said Edit

It has been some time since I stopped in here with my sister. It’s tucked away upstairs in a building of little shops so it has a rather crowded feel. We ate at a small table out in front of the shop on a balcony overhanging an indoor plaza. It’s not very scenic but the ladies who run it are wonderful. I love their Welsh accents! I had a meat pie and it was delicious and unpretentious and all that a good meat pie should be. The tea was kept warm by a cozy but the tea leaves weren’t removed after steeping which is a pet peeve. I drink black tea with milk and sugar (horrors, I know — I drink it for yumminess not nuance, I apologize) so I managed. The shop itself is crammed full of sweet frilly items and tea time trifles. If you want a true high tea/plowman’s lunch sort of set up, do stop by Cano’s.