Golden Monkey Tea Company Edit

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Type Tea Shop
Style British
Serves Loose-leaf

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  • 64 Smith Street, Warwick CV34 4HU
  • Warwick, Warwickshire

1 Review

Golden Monkey Tea Company in Warwick, Warwickshire
James B rated this place
and said Edit

This is an awesome tea shop, almost within view of Warwick Castle. It sells a large number of teas, both single-estate and blends, black, rooibos, green, white and oolong. It has a mix of really fun blends (particularly maple toffee tea and some lovely rooibos blends) and some decent quality unblended tea (the Keemun Panda is a fantastic quality cheaper Keemun, almost as good as a Mao Feng but a fraction of the price), and it has some rarer teas too, like a flowering oolong. It’s a lovely place to wander around, and staff are very friendly. Visit it if you can.