De Yu Xuan Teashop - 得鈺軒 Edit

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Type Tea Shop
Style Asian
Serves Loose-leaf
Features Tastings, Tea ceremony

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  • 黃浦區福建中路358號
  • 上海市, 上海
  • 13464905950

1 Review

De Yu Xuan Teashop - 得鈺軒 in 上海市, 上海
Ben Marcus-Willers (馬維彬) rated this place
and said Edit

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Tea Quality: Medium-low – High
Tea Selection: Medium
Teaware Quality: Medium – High
Teaware Selection: Small
Shop Atmosphere: Very small, cozy, inviting. Seating for four maximum. Owner smokes (sometimes while performing tea ceremony, just so you’re aware)
Employees’ Knowledge: Expert
Quality of Service: Good
Offers Tea Tasting/Ceremony: Yes, Free (with expectation of product purchase)
Tea Price: $$ – $$$$
Teaware Price: $$$
Overall Value: High
Recommend: Yes

De Yu Xuan is quite small, tucked away just off of the famous Nanjing road, and owned/run by a husband-wife team. They sell almost exclusively pu’erh tea (though they do have some low-quality jasmine tea, etc. intended for the tourists that wander into their shop who don’t understand tea culture). Their pu’erh collection and expertise, however, are very impressive. The owners are incredibly hospitable too. I went in without the intention to taste tea (as it is customary to buy some tea if you taste tea at a Chinese tea shop), but as soon as I entered they invited me to sit down and have some. I told them that I probably wasn’t going to buy any tea, but the man said it wasn’t a problem, he would still let me taste. I ended up spending about 3.5 hours sitting at the shop and talking about tea, life, politics, Chinese medicine, etc. Throughout my entire stay, the owners did not once push their product on me or make me feel obliged to buy something. This made for a wonderfully personal experience, and I left feeling as though I had made new friends. Of course, in the end I did buy a pu’erh cake out of respect and because I had grown so friendly with them. Both the man and the woman are very knowledgeable about pu’erh tea, though the man is a veritable expert. They sell many kinds of pu’erh, from affordable new cakes to some very high-quality (and expensive) aged cakes. They do not speak English, so go with a Chinese-speaking friend or be confident in your own Mandarin abilities. But don’t worry, they’re very friendly.